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Latest Government Bids and Requests for Proposals

Request Due Date Area Status
City Campus Utility Plant-Automatic Condenser Tube Cleaning System-Chiller #7 Equipment
Nov 7, 2018 Nebraska Active
Professional Engineering Services for Wastewater Related Projects
Oct 31, 2018 Rhode Island Active
SAFE Family Recovery Program
Oct 23, 2018 Connecticut Active
Solution provider to assist the Dental Informatics operations
Dec 11, 2018 Kentucky Active
Call 3-Key 18978, Salmon Falls Creek Bridge
Oct 23, 2018 Idaho Active
Call 5-Key 20842, Cloverdale RD
Oct 30, 2018 Idaho Active
Lease of Office Space within Region 4
Nov 7, 2018 Florida Free Federal
4x4 Cab Chassis
Nov 1, 2018 Nebraska Active
Accessible Mini Bus
Nov 1, 2018 New Jersey Active
Agriculture Advisory Committee Support
Oct 30, 2018 Washington Active
Airport Rental Car Facility
Nov 13, 2018 Virginia Active
Annual Transformer Oil Testing
Oct 26, 2018 South Dakota Free Federal
Apia Waterfront Development Public Arts Brief
Nov 5, 2018 American Samoa Active
Arena Roof Restoration
Oct 23, 2018 New York Active
Arena Sound System Upgrade
Oct 24, 2018 Kentucky Active
Arts Center Portico Restoration Project
Nov 26, 2018 Connecticut Active
Assessment and Capital Improvement Plan Services
Oct 25, 2018 California Active
Athletic Apparel
Oct 23, 2018 Virginia Active
Audiovisual Services
Oct 25, 2018 Virginia Active
Audit Services
Nov 15, 2018 Virginia Active
Automated Test Cases, Test Procedures, and Tracing Requirements to Tests for PTC
Dec 31, 2018 Alaska Active
Battery Back Up
Dec 21, 2018 Virginia Active
Blair Hills Park Playground Replacement Project
Nov 15, 2018 California Active
Building Inspection Residential
Oct 29, 2018 Virginia Active
Call 4-Key 19373, US-95, Whitebird Grade Rehab
Oct 30, 2018 Idaho Active