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GovDirections monitors local, state and federal government agencies on behalf of our membership. We do not work with or on behalf of any government agency. We are a private provider of research services.

GovDirections believes that governments should publish contract information freely so that competition is increased, thus producing lower costs and higher quality. We also believe that when a government chooses to limit participation through the use of exclusive, third party distribution sources, then the taxpayer suffers because competition is limited. The availability of quick, simple, low cost distribution methods make this practice unnecessary and burdensome to contractors.

GovDirections encourages governments to post information freely. When governments submit information directly to us, then we make this information freely available to our visitors.

However, GovDirections does not wait. Our researchers aggressively seek upcoming, active, and awarded opportunities by monitoring government websites, public agendas, published budget documents, third party distribution sources, and other locations. When a third party distribution source is used by a specific government, then we instruct our members on how they can gain the same information freely. If a government uses a third party source but the government does not require payment to actually gain access to information, then we make our members aware and instruct them on how to gain this information freely.

GovDirections also does not restrict publication of any procurement opportunity (even upon request). If the opportunity is available or may become available by a government, then we notify our members. We believe all the information we publish is correct. However, we may error. If you are a government that is not or does not intend to solicit a bid or proposal that is published at our site, then please notify us at customercare@govdirections.com of the error and we will correct the mistake. You may also use the contact information below.

Our users should be specifically aware that we publish information where governments use third party providers to distribute. In most occasions, the government does not charge for access to the information (although they may require you to register and then seek to sell additional services). We do not link to third party providers. We send you to the original government source. We also do not limit our publication of data simply because it may be published by others. This practice helps us guarantee that ALL opportunities are published rather than JUST those a government wants distributed to a mass audience.

Also a note about opportunities at various levels of government: federal, state and local

GovDirections adds value by publishing local and state government opportunities. Federal bids are centrally located at FBO.gov as required by federal rules. However, local and state government opportunities are not centrally located. In fact, many federally funded opportunities are actually issued through local or state governments and are not found at FBO.gov.

GovDirections believes the federal marketplace is more exclusive than the local and state government marketplace. In fact, in FY 2008 of $527.5 billion in federal contract spending, $266.7 billion was awarded without competition, and of the remaining $260.8 billion, 1,000 lucky contactors won $226 billion. Thus, 99.3% of all federal contractors competed for less than $51 billion. While this is not chump change, it is also not the massive market opportunity portrayed - unless you are one of the 1,000 nationally. (Source: FedSpending.org )

On the other hand, there are 87,525 government agencies at the local government level (plus all States and their agencies). There are 16,504 townships, 19,429 cities, 3,035 counties, 13,506 school districts, and over 35,052 special districts (parks, hospitals, transit systems, airports, ports, housing authorities and other jurisdictions). Last year, GovDirections published more than 350,000 contracts from these organizations. (Source: U.S. Bureau of Census).

We believe the real opportunity for most contracts is at the local level and have built our business solely around this philosophy. We invite you to take a chance on winning a local contract! Find out for as low as $20 a month how much opportunity is at stake.

Should you have questions about our coverage, then please contact us.