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First, you'll need to wait a few minutes before you log in to your account. GovDirections is a MEMBERSHIP service and each member must be activated prior to logging in to the site.

Second, if you are already logged in to the site, then LOG OUT before logging back in (but wait until you finishing reading this material).

Third, once your account is active, you'll want to set up your account preferences.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Enter your log in information.
  2. Update your account profile, if necessary.
  3. Select appropriate industries (you must select at least one).
  4. Narrow your state preferences (or leave blank for all).
  5. Click the UPDATE button to save your changes. If you do not select update, then no changes are saved.

Note: Your GovDirections password is CasEsenSitive and can only include text and numbers (no symbols or special characters). Password are temporily set as the last 4 digits of your phone provided if you did not provide a unique password. If you are unsure, please see below.

To receive your daily alert APPROVE as a safe email to any spam filter you may use. If you do not receive your daily alert, then your spam filter may be BLOCKING your receipt. Good news through, you may always view the current email alert by clicking this link:

Take me to my Daily Alert (you must be logged in, but go ahead and bookmark for quicker access).

Our research team adds about 5,000 new listings throughout the day so you may want to check this link routinely. We only send one email a day based on prior day entries (those entered before midnight eastern standard time, but you always have immediate access to all listed bids immediately when they are added.

GovDirections generally works as follows (also see GovDirections Coverage):

Active Bids, Upcoming Bids at GovDirections
Active bids are defined by GovDirections as bids, RFPs, RFIs, and quotes currently sought by a local, state, or federal government agency. All active bids posted the prior day that match your settings are sent each morning in your email alert.  

Upcoming bids are defined by GovDirections as opportunities our research has determined are forthcoming. Upcoming bid listings are gathered from budgets, agendas, and other planning documents. GovDirections provides you with an estimated date that the bid is expected to be listed.

Awards are defined by GovDirections as bids that have been awarded. GovDirections may published pending awards on occasion when we believe the award is eminent.

Viewing Active Bids

GovDirections recommends that you start with broad rather than narrow settings when you first start searching active bids.  You can change your settings at any given time. GovDirections does not charge based on industry settings.

You  can also find the daily matches to your preferences that was sent in the alert at the following link (must be logged in):
View my Daily Alert Email

Spam filters may prevent you from receiving our alert. Thus, we encourage you to log in each day and view your alert online should your email not arrive.

GovDirections expands your online viewing by providing the following account link (must be logged in):

 View Bids based on My Account Settings

This link can expand to include results over various periods by using drop down dates.  GovDirections adds approximately 5,000 new listings each day and maintains about 50,000 active bid listings so it is actually a good idea to check this link throughout the day for new postings.  Remember that all new postings are also sent the next morning in your daily alert.
From the email alert (if your email allows HTML) or from the links listed above, you simply click on the title of any bid that you want to view. This action opens the bid page on our site. Users must be logged into view bids. Your email is the username.  You also chose a specific password when you registered.

The bid information page displays specific information related to the bid.  The information includes the following:

GovDirections includes as much information as available.  However, we do not skip bids or opportunities simply because data is not completely available.

In order to get to the bid documents or get further information for the bid, you will need to contact the government agency directly or in most cases simply click the Source URL link located on the bid information page.

The Source URL link takes you to the location of the bid, or displays the bid file. (Not all bids will have this link.)

If the bid does not have a Source URL link on our site then you will need to contact the agency directly to get further information. Contact numbers should be listed for all agencies.

Note that some entities use Java script links that re-directs you to their main web site, in this case the Source URL may only direct you to the agency’s purchasing page or a search page. You then need to find the bid on their site manually.

Your GovDirections Subscription also includes tips about getting started bidding and short videos at GovSchool ®. This service is designed to help you learn how to respond to and win a government request for proposal. Asistance through GovAdvice ® may also be available.

You can find additional “How to do Business Guides” for many agencies here:
 How to do Business Guides

An overview of our Coverage can be found here:
 Our Coverage

Hopefully the instructions listed above assists you in locating and viewing the bids.

Please contact us at Customer Support or (800) 492-8523 if you have questions and refer us if you like what we are doing!