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GovDirections Membership | Business Information Package (PRO!)

Our strategic Business Information Package (PRO!) uses all our resources to provide the earliest lead time available.

How? GovDirections uses experienced graduate level trained research staff to cull through budgets, capital improvement plans, referendums, and other research documents to learn about government spending. Agencies plan months and often, years in advance to the time that a request for proposal is issued. These discussions and plans are discussed in public forums. Our research staff works on your behalf to uncover this information. The additional research helps your company get ahead of competion. The package also includes access to all active listings and recent awards. You'll also receive a 20 minute GovAdvice™ session to help our team learn more about what RFPs you are seeking (upon request) and full access to GovSchool™. Your membership also includes a subscription to GovReporter.