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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Go!, Plus!, and Pro! services?

Go is designed for small companies just getting started and includes access to active local, state and federal government bid listings. Plus steps up to the next level by providing access to awarded bid information. Pro adds indepth research of budgets, capital improvement plans, and other sources to provide the earliest lead time available.

I'm a small business that is just getting started. Is Plus! or Pro! also for me?

Of course. You will not find more services at a better rate. Plus! provides you the opportunity to do competitive research. Our Awards database provides you the tools to help you analyze your market place before and during the sales cycle. Pro! gets you in the door early so you have more lead time. Plus and Pro are bargains compared to hiring in-house research staff.

Do you require a contract?

GovDirections does not require a contract. You may pay month-to-month and cancel at anytime. You may prepurchase additional months to gain discounts. You must cancel your account before your next billing. This practice helps us keep our prices low by avoiding unnecessary credit card fees.

How many government agencies or sources do you cover?

GovDirections' U.S. based reserach staff provides the most comprehensive coverage available and monitors more than 29,500 sources. There are over 80,000 local governments in the U.S. alone. We also cover Canadian provinces and territories.

I just want free services. Can I simply just have access to your daily alert?

Yes. You may register for a free daily alert here. Access to federal information is also freely available to registered users for 30 days.

How many customers do you serve?

GovDirections serves over 83,500 registered users throughout our network.

Do you have a U.S. office?

Yes. Our main office is in Decatur, Georgia (metro Atlanta). We also have offices in Boise, Idaho and Brunswick, Georgia. We are 100% USA based. Call us from within the U.S. at (800) 492-8523. Additional contact information.