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Supplies: Rope, Chain, Cable, and Fittings

Title Due Date State Type
SLING, ROPE, AND ASSOCIATED ACCESSORIES Aug 23, 2018 California State or Local
Towing Hawsers Aug 27, 2018 California Federal
Bids for Various Digicom Cable Harness Aug 27, 2018 California State or Local
Canister Cable Assembly Aug 24, 2018 California Federal
Iron Fittings Aug 31, 2018 Colorado State or Local
Cable Barrier Systems Aug 28, 2018 Colorado State or Local
Wire Ropes Aug 30, 2018 Maryland Federal
Ultrex Line Today Ohio Federal
Wire Rope Assembly Aug 26, 2018 Ohio Federal
40--rope,fibrous Aug 27, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
40--rope,fibrous Aug 31, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
40--wire Rope Assembly, Aug 24, 2018 Virginia Federal
40--hook,pelican Aug 28, 2018 Virginia Federal
40--hook, Pelican Aug 28, 2018 Virginia Federal
Mooring Wires And Clips Sep 7, 2018 Washington D.C. Federal
Supply and Delivery - Large Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings Aug 30, 2018 British Columbia State or Local
500MCM Cable Sep 4, 2018 Nova Scotia State or Local