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Supplies: Rope, Chain, Cable, and Fittings

Title Due Date State Type
Bids for Rope, Pulling, Polyester, and Cord Jul 3, 2019 California State or Local
Cable Protector (uncoated) Jul 10, 2019 Illinois Federal
60mm Coated Cable Protectors Jul 8, 2019 Illinois Federal
Water Service Fittings Jul 2, 2019 Michigan State or Local
Rope Access Rigging And Supervision And Ndt Testing For Tainter Gate Inspection At Cordell Hull Dam Jul 8, 2019 Missouri Federal
40--wire Rope Assembly, Jul 5, 2019 Ohio Federal
Shackle Jul 22, 2019 Ohio Federal
Cable Assembly Jul 1, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
Cordage Assy,100 Ft Jul 29, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
99--cable Assembly Jul 15, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
Rope, fibrous Jul 1, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
Fiber Rope Assembly Jul 1, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
Marline Jul 1, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
Suicide Prevention Cable Locks Jun 27, 2019 Texas Federal
10 Ton Chain Fall (Hoists) Jun 28, 2019 Texas State or Local
40--wire Rope Assembly, Jul 5, 2019 Virginia Federal
Chain, Stud Link Jul 31, 2019 Virginia Federal
Wire Rope Assembly Jul 22, 2019 Virginia Federal
Hydraulic Hose Fittings and Adapters Purchased on Consignment Jul 9, 2019 New Brunswick State or Local
Anti-vehicle Cable System Jul 23, 2019 International Tenders Federal