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Supplies: Textile, Fabric and Flag Bids

Title Due Date State Type
Class 3 Traffic Raincoat May 3, 2019 Alabama State or Local
customized Rack Curtains Apr 26, 2019 California Federal
Military Shelter Tent Apr 29, 2019 Colorado Federal
Radome Tents Apr 23, 2019 Colorado Federal
Cold Weather Rain Gear Apr 24, 2019 Connecticut State or Local
Window Treatments Apr 27, 2019 Florida State or Local
Temper Tent Module/military Field Tent Apr 22, 2019 Florida Federal
Linens and Towels May 8, 2019 Georgia State or Local
Chambray Colored Shirting Fabric May 15, 2019 Kansas State or Local
Military Rucks Apr 22, 2019 Kentucky Federal
Cold Temperature And Artic Protective System (ctaps) May 1, 2019 Massachusetts Federal
Materials Blanket Apr 24, 2019 Massachusetts State or Local
Pillow Batting Apr 22, 2019 Missouri State or Local
Engine Change Shelter Apr 29, 2019 New Jersey Federal
Detention Bedding Cover Material Apr 30, 2019 New York State or Local
Shower Curtains, Ligature Resistant Apr 30, 2019 Oregon State or Local
First Responder Idiq Uniforms Sep 20, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
Upcoming: Flags, US State, POW Dec 15, 2019 Pennsylvania Pro Early Lead
83--tent Component Kit Apr 29, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
83--bag,tent Frame Part Apr 29, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
Tarpaulin 26 X 22 May 8, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
Stake, Hold-down Tent Apr 25, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
Liner,backpack Pump Apr 22, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
Cloth, Gabardine: Wool, Polyester/wool, Type Ii Class 12, Sky Blue Mc Shade 2319, Mothproofed, Sponged May 28, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
Bids for Flags Apr 29, 2019 Rhode Island State or Local
Bids for Galvanneal Sheets May 2, 2019 South Carolina State or Local
Bids for Fabric, Correct Tick, Clear Mattress Apr 30, 2019 South Carolina State or Local
83--liturgical Textiles Most Holy Trinity Church West Point May 9, 2019 Virginia Federal
Quotes for Woodcarpet May 13, 2019 Virginia State or Local
Acquisition of Bedding Products May 13, 2019 Quebec Tenders State or Local
Safety Shoes May 2, 2019 Quebec Tenders State or Local
Purchase of Aquatic Clothing May 1, 2019 Quebec Tenders State or Local