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Equipment: Instrumentation, Radar Bids

Title Due Date State Type
8-Channel Oscilloscope and Accessories Jul 3, 2018 Alabama State or Local
Processional Consultant : Electrical Design and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Programming. Jun 27, 2018 Arizona State or Local
LARUS, AVIAT, TELECT EQUIPMENT Jun 27, 2018 California State or Local
Sensor Assembly, Countermeasures Jul 6, 2018 Michigan Federal
Data Logger Purchase and Calibration Service Mar 28, 2020 Minnesota State or Local
Spectracom GPS Clock Jun 25, 2018 New Hampshire State or Local
ThermoVision SENTRY II Parts/Accessories/Labor Jul 2, 2018 New Jersey Federal
Radar Equipment Repairs and Service Jun 26, 2018 New Mexico State or Local
Flow Meter -west Point Jun 27, 2018 New York Federal
Upcoming: Survey equipment Jul 1, 2018 North Carolina Pro Early Lead
66--transmitter,rate Of Dec 31, 2069 Oklahoma Federal
TRANSMITTER,POSITIO Jul 5, 2018 Oklahoma Federal
TRANSMITTER,POSITIO SPRTA1-18-Q-0309 Jul 5, 2018 Oklahoma Federal
66--sensor, Ctd Jun 28, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
58--turret/flir Unit Jul 16, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
58--countermeasure Set, Jul 18, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
Gauge Jun 25, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
Pem Sensors Jul 5, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
Industrial Commodities Jul 11, 2018 Pennsylvania State or Local
66--control,rate Of Flow Jul 9, 2018 Virginia Federal
Switch, Liquid Level Jul 8, 2018 Virginia Federal
Data Acquisition System for Air Quality Monitoring Jun 28, 2018 Virginia State or Local
58--probe,sonar Jul 6, 2018 Virginia Federal
Probe,sonar Jul 9, 2018 Virginia Federal