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Services: Recreational and Sport Government RFPs

Title Due Date State Type
Recreation and Aquatic Course Instructors
Dec 31, 2018 Arizona State or Local
RFP for Adult Softball League Umpiring Services
Nov 15, 2018 California State or Local
RFQ for Leisure & Recreation Class Vendor
Jan 4, 2019 California State or Local
Upcoming: Onsite Fitness Class Services
Nov 30, 2018 California Pro Early Lead
RFQ for Summer Surf Instruction
Nov 13, 2018 California State or Local
Collegiate Wind Competition
Nov 30, 2018 Colorado Federal
Natural Turf Field Resurfacing
Nov 1, 2018 Connecticut State or Local
Swim Lesson Provider
Oct 26, 2018 Georgia State or Local
Basketball & Team Sports Game Officials
Oct 31, 2018 Georgia State or Local
Firearms Facility
Oct 24, 2018 Kansas Federal
Adult Softball Officials
Today Maryland State or Local
Pro Football Focus Play Data Service
Oct 26, 2018 Mississippi State or Local
Bids for Bowling Facilities
Nov 5, 2018 Missouri State or Local
Tai Chi Classes
Nov 2, 2018 New York State or Local
Recreation Management System
Nov 13, 2018 North Carolina State or Local
Sports Official Services to Officiate Recreation Commission
Dec 31, 2018 Ohio State or Local