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IT: Geographic, RFID, GPS Systems, Mapping and Seismic Bids

Title Due Date State Type
Gis Data Viewer Project Approval Package Today Alabama Federal
Aegis Ashore Missile Defense Test Complex May 15, 2018 Alabama Federal
Upcoming: AWOS Weather Reporting Equipment Jul 1, 2018 Arizona Pro Early Lead
Maintenance And Repair Of Navigational Aids Mar 28, 2018 Arizona Federal
Base Mapping and Surveying Apr 3, 2018 California State or Local
Quotes for Flir and AeroComputer Mapping Systems and Installation Services Mar 29, 2018 California State or Local
RFP for Library Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System Apr 6, 2018 California State or Local
Global Tactical Asset Allocation May 1, 2018 California State or Local
Wetland Mapping And Llww Classification Mar 27, 2018 Colorado Federal
Annual Vegetation Monitoring and Mapping Services Apr 11, 2018 Colorado State or Local
Surface Based Instrumentation Radar System Apr 16, 2018 Florida Federal
GIS Program for Utilities Apr 3, 2018 Florida State or Local
Repair Of An/apn-224 Radar Sytem Components Apr 13, 2018 Georgia Federal
Bidirectional Cellular Amplifier Installation Mar 23, 2018 Indiana Federal
Radar Antenna System And Component Overhauls, Repairs, Coatings, Shipboard Installations And Removals, And Technical Support Services Jul 6, 2018 Indiana Federal
Autonomic Logistics Information System (alis) Sec Arch Phase Iii Jul 25, 2018 Maryland Federal
Multi-Modal GIS Network Mar 27, 2018 Maryland State or Local
Gps Antenna & Cable Today Maryland Federal
Indoor Mapping And Navigation Pilot Program Mar 30, 2018 Maryland Federal
Ots Call 7 - 3d Dynamic Mapping Call May 3, 2018 Nevada Federal
Boundary Line Maintenance & DGPS Data Collection Mar 30, 2018 New Hampshire State or Local
Mobile Mapping Software Mar 29, 2018 New Mexico State or Local
RF Design and Heat Mapping Services Today New York State or Local
Locating Services Apr 20, 2018 New York State or Local
Automatic Vehicle Location Mar 30, 2018 North Dakota State or Local
Bars Icp Replenishment - Survival/navigation Mar 26, 2018 Ohio Federal
Arc Storm Mar 21, 2018 Ohio Federal
F-16 C/d An/apg-68 Radar 5841-01-431-7452 Sep 14, 2018 Oklahoma Federal
Region 6 Satellite Internet Services For Wildland Fire And All Hazard Incidents Apr 13, 2018 Oregon Federal
Proposals for GPS Monitoring Services Apr 27, 2018 South Carolina State or Local
Proposals for Bus Routing Software System Today South Carolina State or Local
Quotes for RFID Security System Mar 29, 2018 South Carolina State or Local
Bids for Landfill GPS System Apr 12, 2018 South Carolina State or Local
Bids for Marine Pop-up Satellite Archival Tags Apr 18, 2018 South Carolina State or Local
GPS for City Vehicles Apr 6, 2018 Tennessee State or Local
Divider, Power, Radio Frequency Apr 7, 2018 Virginia Federal
Request For Information On Antenna Mast Systems Mar 22, 2018 Virginia Federal
66-- Survey Controller With Associated Accessories Today Virginia Federal
Weed Control and GPS Survey Mar 30, 2018 Washington State or Local
Wet Weather Treatment Station - Conveyance Apr 17, 2018 Washington State or Local
Global Positioning Systems (gps) / Global Information Systems (gis) Location Project Mar 28, 2018 Washington D.C. Federal
LiDAR Imagery Mar 23, 2018 Saskatchewan State or Local