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GovDirections publishes new requests for proposals, invitations to bids, opportunities for quotes, and general solicitations for information by Industry and State groups.

IT: Simulation Equipment, Kiosk and Service RFPs by Governments

Title Due Date State Type
Primary Care Kiosk Station Feb 19, 2019 Arizona Federal
AVATAR II Tactical Feb 21, 2019 California State or Local
Jstars Aircrew Training Device Feb 26, 2019 Georgia Federal
Muzzle Brake Casting Simulation Feb 28, 2019 Illinois Federal
Virtual Reality Arcade Mar 1, 2019 Iowa State or Local
Firearm Simulation System Feb 27, 2019 Kansas State or Local
Custom Built Confined Space Trainer Feb 27, 2019 Kansas State or Local
Private Partner Streetlight Pole/Kiosk Feb 19, 2019 Kentucky State or Local
Patrons Tracking Counting Hardware for Libraries Feb 26, 2019 Kentucky State or Local
Electronic Warfare Planning And Management Tool Feb 22, 2019 Maryland Federal
RFP for Ticket Vending Machines May 11, 2019 Michigan State or Local
Electronic Poll System Feb 19, 2019 Mississippi State or Local
Two ATMs Feb 26, 2019 Missouri State or Local
Fire Extinguisher Training Simulator Feb 21, 2019 New Hampshire State or Local
Joint Terminal Control Training And Rehearsal System Feb 28, 2019 Ohio Federal
Installation of Informational Kiosks on City Property Mar 4, 2019 Ohio State or Local
Proposals for Flashover Simulator Mar 12, 2019 South Carolina State or Local
Kiosk Pilot Project Mar 15, 2019 Texas State or Local
Flight Training Simulator Feb 20, 2019 Utah State or Local
Bids for Self-Checkout Machine Feb 22, 2019 Virginia State or Local
Digital RF Battlespace Emulator (drbe) Apr 1, 2019 Virginia Federal
Rfi - Wmata 7000 Series Railcar Cab Simulator Feb 25, 2019 District of Columbia Federal
Electromechanical Training System Feb 21, 2019 Wisconsin State or Local
Acquisition of wireless kiosks Feb 20, 2019 Quebec Tenders State or Local