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IT: Simulation Equipment, Kiosk and Service RFPs by Governments

Title Due Date State Type
Bids for Office Queuing System Jun 29, 2018 California State or Local
Electronic Warfare Improvement Capabilities (ewic) Id/iq Jun 29, 2018 California Federal
Validated Red Airspace Virtual Environment (valravn) Jul 2, 2018 California Federal
RFP for Center for the Arts Ticketing Solution Jul 18, 2018 California State or Local
Micro Market Jun 27, 2018 Connecticut State or Local
Digital Information Signage and Fare Payment Kiosk Systems Jul 23, 2018 Florida State or Local
Afica C-21a (lr-35) Pilot Simulator Training Jul 13, 2018 Illinois Federal
Automated Teller Machines Jul 27, 2018 Kansas State or Local
(usaarl) Nuh-60 Flight Simulator Jun 26, 2018 Maryland Federal
Joint Strike Fighter (jsf), Joint Program Office (jpo), Virtual Warfare Center Simulator Software Update Jun 29, 2018 Maryland Federal
Joint Strike Fighter (jsf), Joint Program Office (jpo), Virtual Warfare Center Software Installation And Server Relocation Jun 29, 2018 Maryland Federal
RFP for Ticket Vending Machines May 11, 2019 Michigan State or Local
Ten Laser Simulator Test Sets Jun 26, 2018 New Jersey Federal
High Power Electromagnetics Numerical Simulation Enhancement And Development Jul 12, 2018 New Mexico Federal
Virtual, Augmented, And Mixed Reality Technologies For Aircraft Maintenance Aug 3, 2018 Ohio Federal
Siemens Training Simulators Jul 5, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
Proposals for Autonomous Vehicle Demonstration Pilot Jul 13, 2018 Texas State or Local
Simulation & Advanced Software Services Jun 27, 2018 Texas Federal
Interactive Modular Driving Simulator/Trainer System Jul 18, 2018 Texas State or Local
Kiosk Management System Jul 20, 2018 Virginia Federal
Social Media Photo Kiosks Jun 29, 2018 Virginia Federal
Technically Advanced General Aviation Research Simulator (tagars) Jul 11, 2018 Washington D.C. Federal