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IT: Medical, Lab, Science Technology Project Opportunities

Title Due Date State Type
Robotic Pipetting Instrument Feb 28, 2019 Alabama State or Local
Bids for Video System, Allowance Feb 20, 2019 California State or Local
RFP for Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Mar 4, 2019 California State or Local
Digital Image Correlation (DIC) System Feb 19, 2019 California Federal
High Speed Polarization Camera Feb 20, 2019 California Federal
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Replacement Mar 7, 2019 Delaware State or Local
Upcoming: Replace the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) (Total Funds: $56,964,177) May 1, 2019 Georgia Pro Early Lead
Upcoming: $25,000 in existing funds for the design, development, and implementation of a caregiver registry May 1, 2019 Georgia Pro Early Lead
Software Updates And System Training For Continuity In Data Collection Of The Brfss For State Health Departments And Data Collectors Using Ci3 And Sensus For Wincati Mar 1, 2019 Georgia Federal
Fitness Management Software System Feb 25, 2019 Georgia Federal
Multi-spectral Imaging Sensor Dec 31, 2019 Indiana Federal
Next Generation Virtual Health Capabilities (ng Vhc) Apr 16, 2019 Maryland Federal
To Acquire Toad Software Licenses And Maintenance Feb 20, 2019 Maryland Federal
Total And Spectral Solar Irradiance Sensor (tsis) Sensor System Mar 1, 2019 Maryland Federal
70--gi/pulmonary Software Platform For Imaging And Workflow Management Feb 19, 2019 Mississippi Federal
Medical TPA/Network/Cost Containment Services Feb 27, 2019 Missouri State or Local
Integrated Master Schedule (ims) Support Feb 21, 2019 New Jersey Federal
X-Ray Imaging Equipment Feb 19, 2019 North Carolina State or Local
Digital Radiology Imaging System Feb 20, 2019 North Dakota State or Local
RFP for Mammography Information System Feb 22, 2019 Ohio State or Local
Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscope (sem) Preventative Maintenance Feb 27, 2019 Ohio Federal
Quotes for Intensive Community Care Management (ICCM) Patient Registry Maintenance Feb 19, 2019 Oregon State or Local
Q--in-vitro Fertilization (ivf)/ Assisted Reproductive Technolo Sep 30, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
Health Information Technology Feb 22, 2019 Rhode Island State or Local
RFP for Proofpoint License and Maintenance Feb 28, 2019 South Carolina State or Local
Laboratory Information Management System Feb 28, 2019 Texas State or Local
Electronic Heath Record Feb 19, 2019 Texas State or Local
RFP for System Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) Hands-on Lab Feb 26, 2019 Texas State or Local
Dental Electronic Health Record and Related Services Mar 8, 2019 Texas State or Local
Integrated Electronic Medical Record System and Practice Management Solution Mar 13, 2019 Texas State or Local
Medicine IT Identity and Access Management Implementation Apr 29, 2019 Washington State or Local
Upcoming | $34 million Telemedicine and Distance Learning Projects May 1, 2019 District of Columbia Pro Early Lead
Upcoming | $5 million Telehealth - Nutrition Education Projects May 1, 2019 District of Columbia Pro Early Lead
Electronic Vital Records System (EVRS) Implementation Mar 5, 2019 West Virginia State or Local
Combined Scanning Electrochemical - Raman Microscope System Feb 25, 2019 Alberta State or Local