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IT: Medical, Lab, Science Technology Project Opportunities

Title Due Date State Type
Feasible Technologies For Non-destructive Evaluation (nde) Of Layered Pressure Vessels Oct 27, 2017 Alabama Federal
RFP for Health, Medical, Science, Dental, & Nursing General Supplies Solution Provider Information Oct 18, 2017 Arizona State or Local
Electronic Health Record and Patient Billing and Accounts Receivable System Nov 9, 2017 Arkansas State or Local
RFP for Population Health Software Nov 10, 2017 California State or Local
A--Spectrum Efficient Technology (SET) FY14 Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) W900KK-13-R-0015 (TRMC - PEO STRI) Sep 30, 2018 Florida Pro Early Lead
A-- <br> Net-Centric Systems Test (NST) FY14 Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) W900KK-13-R-0018 (TRMC - PEO STRI) <br> Sep 30, 2018 Florida Pro Early Lead
A-- <br> Net-centric Systems Test (nst) Fy14 Broad Agency Announcement (baa) W900kk-13-r-0018 (trmc - Peo Stri) <br> Sep 30, 2018 Florida Pro Early Lead
A--high Speed Systems Test (hsst) Fy14 Broad Agency Announcement (baa) W900kk-13-r-0020 Sep 30, 2018 Florida Pro Early Lead
RFP – Noise Monitoring and Flight Tracking System and Noise Monitor Service and Maintenance Oct 27, 2017 Florida State or Local
Digital Electronic Warfare System (dews)/common Missile Warning System (cmws) Lab Upgrade Oct 19, 2017 Georgia Federal
Obtain Distillersr 16 Licenses For Web Service Oct 23, 2017 Georgia Federal
development of a spectrum sensor Jan 31, 2018 Maryland Federal
Use Of The Nasa Physical Sciences Informatics System--appendix D Dec 15, 2017 Maryland Federal
Ultraviolet To Near Infrared (uvnir) Focal Plane Assemblies (fpas) For The Ocean Color Instrument (oci) Oct 30, 2017 Maryland Federal
Qiagen, Human Gene Mutation Database Access Today Maryland Federal
Virustotal Private Mass Api Oct 23, 2017 Maryland Federal
Laboratory, Petroleum, Modular Base Nov 3, 2017 Michigan Federal
Broad Agency Announcement (baa) For Research Interests In Advanced Undersea Technologies In The Areas Of Submarine And Surface Ship Sensors And Signal Processing Dec 27, 2018 Nevada Federal
J--nuclear Camera Equipment Oct 18, 2017 Nevada Federal
Deck Status Display (dsd) Oct 18, 2017 New Jersey Federal
Lung Cancer Screening Solution Software Nov 3, 2017 New York State or Local
Bids for Ultra High Speed Cameras and Software Oct 19, 2017 South Carolina State or Local
Bids for Portable 3D Scanners Oct 23, 2017 South Carolina State or Local
RFP for 3D Metrology Workstation System Today Texas State or Local
Sole-Source Solicitation of BETA IV Test Booklets Oct 18, 2017 Texas State or Local
RFP for Telehealth Direct to Patient Oct 24, 2017 Texas State or Local
Medicaid Management Information Systems Oct 23, 2017 Vermont State or Local
Clinical Registry Maintenance Nov 3, 2017 Vermont State or Local
Biological Technologies Ez Nov 21, 2017 Virginia Federal
Biological Technologies Apr 26, 2018 Virginia Federal
WAIIS Interoperability Technical Assistance Services Nov 17, 2017 Washington State or Local
Engineering Support For Laser Plasma Interaction Research Oct 18, 2017 Washington D.C. Federal