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IT: Medical, Lab, Science Technology Project Opportunities

Title Due Date State Type
Nurse Call System and Wander Management System Today Arizona State or Local
Endsocopy Software And Support Dec 21, 2018 Arizona Federal
Bids for Encase Forensic Today California State or Local
70--495-visn 19 Censitrac Service Dec 21, 2018 Colorado Federal
Multi-spectral Imaging Sensor Dec 31, 2019 Indiana Federal
Use Of The Nasa Physical Sciences Informatics System--appendix E Dec 14, 2018 Maryland Federal
The Mercury Spectrum Collaboration Application Dec 14, 2018 Maryland Federal
The Mercury Spectrum Collaboration Application Dec 14, 2018 Maryland Federal
Request For Information (rfi) Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (wfirst) Manufacturing Of Large Outer Barrel Assembly (oba) Composite Panels, And Shell Section Assembly Jan 11, 2019 Maryland Federal
Embase Software License Dec 17, 2018 Maryland Federal
Joint Health Risk Management - Environmental Hazard And Health Effects Monitoring Technologies Jan 23, 2019 Massachusetts Federal
True Secret Management Platform Solution Jan 3, 2019 Mississippi State or Local
Electronic Health Records Management System Jan 2, 2019 Missouri State or Local
Broad Agency Announcement (baa) For Research Interests In Advanced Undersea Technologies In The Areas Of Submarine And Surface Ship Sensors And Signal Processing Dec 27, 2018 Nevada Federal
Enterprise Electronic Health Records System Dec 28, 2018 New Mexico State or Local
Medical Cannabis Program Comprehensive Software Application Jan 23, 2019 New Mexico State or Local
Upcoming: Electronic Health Record System $800,000 Jan 1, 2019 North Carolina Pro Early Lead
Upgrade Radiography Lab to Digital System Dec 19, 2018 North Carolina State or Local
Laboratory Information System Dec 21, 2018 North Carolina State or Local
D--ohio Vamcs Vocera Needs For Calendar Year 2019 Today Ohio Federal
Q--in-vitro Fertilization (ivf)/ Assisted Reproductive Technolo Sep 30, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
Laboratory Information Management System Today Texas State or Local
Web-Based Medical Risk Management Course Online Training Application Dec 18, 2018 Texas State or Local
RFP for Child Nutrition Software System Jan 30, 2019 Texas State or Local
EMS and Fire CE Online Dec 21, 2018 Texas State or Local
Patient Simulator Body Manikins Dec 19, 2018 Utah State or Local
Photonics In The Package For Extreme Scalability (pipes) Jan 17, 2019 Virginia Federal
Point Of Use System (pou) Dec 21, 2018 Virginia Federal
Virtual Patient Observer Solution Jan 31, 2019 Washington State or Local
Electronic Data Processing, Software and Services - Laboratory Operations Dec 20, 2018 Washington State or Local
D--pharmacy - Methadone Server Dec 17, 2018 Wisconsin Federal
IBM Master Data Management Master Patient Index Upgrade Services Dec 18, 2018 Nova Scotia State or Local
Sampling, Collection, And Detection Technologies For Chemical, Explosive, And Nuclear Analytes Jan 15, 2019 International Tenders Federal
Biowatch Sample Laboratory Information Management System Dec 21, 2018 International Tenders Federal
Patient Monitoring Dec 21, 2018 International Tenders Federal