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GovDirections publishes new requests for proposals, invitations to bids, opportunities for quotes, and general solicitations for information by Industry and State groups.

Services: PrintSupply Labels, Barcodes, Decals, Wraps, Stickers, Ribbons

Title Due Date State Type
Award Notice for V--FedEx Shipping 08/04-08/28/2020 Oct 9, 2020 Idaho Intelligence
Sale of Used Aluminum Printing Plates and Copper Oct 8, 2020 Missouri State or Local
Bids for Pressure Seal Checks and Forms Oct 5, 2020 New York State or Local
Printing and Installation - Service Information Banners Oct 1, 2020 Texas State or Local
Bids for Rubber and Self-Inking Stamps, Nameplates and Related Items Oct 9, 2020 Texas State or Local
Sheriffs Graphic Decal Design, Printing, Installation Oct 8, 2020 Washington State or Local
Award Notice for Publication 4012 VITA/TCE Volunteer Resource Guide (A-1) Oct 6, 2020 District of Columbia Intelligence
Award Notice for Form 6744 VITA/TCE Volunteer Assistor?s Test/Retest (A-1) Oct 9, 2020 District of Columbia Intelligence
Toner and Cutting Parts for Print Shop Equipment Services Today West Virginia State or Local
Security Type Tags Feb 1, 2021 Leinster, Ireland State or Local