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IT: Photography, Microfilming, Scanning, Copy

Title Due Date State Type
Photography Dec 28, 2017 Alaska State or Local
Photographer Jan 10, 2018 Arizona State or Local
Camera parts, equipment and communication products Dec 18, 2017 California State or Local
Scanning System, Digital, Microform, ST ViewScan III Dec 18, 2017 California State or Local
Restoration, Preservation, and Imaging of Historical Records Dec 21, 2017 Colorado State or Local
Digital Orthophotography Jan 18, 2018 Florida State or Local
High Definition Camera System Dec 19, 2017 Georgia State or Local
Bids for Nikon Camera Equipment & Accessories Jan 17, 2018 Maryland State or Local
Soldier System Test Facility Dec 18, 2017 Maryland Federal
Microfilming Services Jan 9, 2018 Missouri State or Local
Law Library Of Congress Collection Accessioning, Maintenance, Preservation & Inventory Dec 27, 2017 Nevada Federal
Thermal Imager Bids Dec 20, 2017 New Hampshire State or Local
Gradient Index Lenses Manufacturing Jan 8, 2018 New Jersey Federal
Ancient Document Imaging Project Phase VI Dec 27, 2017 New York State or Local
Digital Platesetter including installation, training, maintenance and removal and trade-in of existing equipment Jan 16, 2018 New York State or Local
Document Scanner Jan 3, 2018 North Carolina State or Local
CAMERA, HYPERSPECTRAL Dec 22, 2017 North Carolina State or Local
Jdc Projector Screens Dec 19, 2017 North Dakota Federal
Thermal Imaging Camera Dec 26, 2017 Oklahoma State or Local
Microfilm Digitization Services Dec 21, 2017 Oregon State or Local
67--camera Assembly Dec 21, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
67--camera,motion Pictu Dec 22, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
67--digital Video Recor Dec 26, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
Ecps Camera Kit Accessories Dec 26, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
Document Scanning and Archiving Project Dec 29, 2017 Tennessee State or Local
67--synchronized Charged Coupled Device Cameras Dec 19, 2017 Virginia Federal
67--camera & Supplies Jan 5, 2018 Virginia Federal
HPLC and ION Chromatography Jun 21, 2107 Alberta State or Local
(LiDar) Data Collection and Process Jan 18, 2018 Alberta State or Local