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Consulting: Hotel, Lodging RFPs

Title Due Date State Type
940th Arw Hotel Requirement Feb 22, 2019 California Federal
Marriage Retreat Ventura (Accommodations, Meals, and Conference Space) Today California Federal
Overnight accommodations Mar 7, 2019 California State or Local
Services: Party and wedding rentals Dec 31, 2019 Georgia State or Local
Services: Wedding Coordinator Dec 31, 2019 Georgia State or Local
Parkway Affordable Rental Housing Feb 28, 2019 Hawaii State or Local
Lodging -july Unit Tranining Assembly Mar 8, 2019 Kentucky Federal
Lodging For The Noaa Ship Gordon Gunter Feb 19, 2019 Maryland Federal
Calendar Year Lodging Feb 20, 2019 Minnesota State or Local
WE Fest 2019 Lodging Feb 22, 2019 Minnesota State or Local
Rental of Hotel Rooms, Pyeongtaek Area only Feb 20, 2019 Nevada Federal
Lodging Fort Meade, Md Feb 20, 2019 New Jersey Federal
Lodging Oct 23, 2023 New York Federal
Smart Las Vegas Hotel Stays Feb 22, 2019 Ohio Federal
Hotel, Conference and Catering Services Feb 20, 2019 Oklahoma State or Local
Hotel Accommodations Today Oklahoma State or Local
Orng April Lodging For Cerfp Mar 1, 2019 Oregon Federal
Grant - Conference and Education Assistance May 1, 2019 Virginia State or Local
V--lodging - 3rd Md Command - Yearly Training Brief Activities Of The 3d Mcds/hhc Forest Park, Ga Feb 21, 2019 Virginia Federal
Lodging - 3rd Md Cd - 865th Csh Mar 28, 2019 Virginia Federal
V--lodging Ft Indiantown Gap Vacinity Feb 27, 2019 Virginia Federal
Short Term Training Student Lodging Feb 21, 2019 Virginia Federal
Lodging Feb 20, 2019 Virginia State or Local
Niger Hotel Blanket Purchase Agreement Sep 9, 2020 International Tenders Federal