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Supplies: Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials and Crude Materials

Title Due Date State Type
93--protective Covers Yorktown Collection Jun 27, 2019 Massachusetts Federal
Tdi-terminated Polyester Prepolymer Jul 5, 2019 New Jersey Federal
93--glass,safety,single Jul 1, 2019 Ohio Federal
Asphalt & Stone Aggregate Jul 10, 2019 Ohio Federal
93--window,observation Jul 1, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
93--sheet,nonmetallic,p Jul 1, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
93--nonmetallic Special Jul 1, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
93--plastic Sheet Jul 1, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
93--glass,laminated Jul 5, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
93--tubing,plastic,spir Jul 22, 2019 Virginia Federal
Lifting Hooks Jul 29, 2019 Virginia Federal
93--paper,tyvek Jul 25, 2019 Virginia Federal
Sources Sought For Hidden Machine Readable Security Jan 27, 2020 District of Columbia Federal
Ballistic Curtains And Install Jun 28, 2019 District of Columbia Federal