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Fed Only Ground Vehicles, Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Cycles

Title Due Date State Type
23--USED VEHICLE PURCHASES Jun 1, 2020 California Federal
USED VEHICLE PURCHASES Jun 1, 2020 California Federal
23--PROP JIG TRAILER May 27, 2020 Florida Federal
AG SIDE DUMP TRAILER FOR FWS DESOTO NWR May 28, 2020 Minnesota Federal
23--Snowmobile Trailer May 27, 2020 New York Federal
Supply and Deliver One(1) Enclosed Gooseneck/Cargo Trailer Jun 5, 2020 Oregon Federal
Toolcat Sources Sought Jun 1, 2020 Pennsylvania Federal
6 CTS DET2 MRZR 4 Jun 1, 2020 Texas Federal
Upcoming Contract Offer for 2021 Light Vehicles to include Sedans, Light Trucks, and SUVs Jun 5, 2020 District of Columbia Intelligence
LE SNOWMOBILES Jun 8, 2020 Wyoming Federal