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Trades and Subcontracts: Insulation, Siding, Ceiling, Drywall Work Contracts and Bids

Title Due Date State Type
Bids for Weather Stripping Sep 1, 2019 California Pro Early Lead
Attic Insulation Jul 2, 2019 Connecticut State or Local
Non-Asbestos Insulation and Related Services and Supply Contract Jul 10, 2019 Iowa State or Local
Repair Bldg. 40 Translucent Panels Jul 9, 2019 Kansas Federal
On-call Drywall Finishing Jul 2, 2019 Kansas State or Local
Ely Air Attach Base Staining & Replace Siding Jun 27, 2019 Minnesota Federal
Acoustical Ceiling Tile Installation Jun 27, 2019 North Carolina State or Local
Burn Room Trainer Wall Repairs Today Oklahoma Federal
Bids for Grid Ceiling Installation Jul 9, 2019 South Carolina State or Local
Construct Soundproof Wall With Door Jul 11, 2019 Virginia Federal
Ceiling Tiles (Removal and Replacement) Jul 15, 2019 Virginia State or Local
Y--wall Removal For Training Room Jul 1, 2019 District of Columbia Federal
Repoint/rebuild Chiller Wall Jul 2, 2019 West Virginia Federal