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IT: Medical Coding Billing Government Bids

Title Due Date State Type
Automated Billing, Payment and Notfication Services Feb 13, 2020 Alabama State or Local
Claims Processing and Management Services Module Jan 30, 2020 Alaska State or Local
Medicaid Management Information System - Claims Processing Jan 30, 2020 Arkansas State or Local
EMS Billing Services Feb 19, 2020 Florida State or Local
Upcoming Spend: $150,000 Collection software replacement Feb 25, 2020 Georgia Intelligence
Medical Bills Administrative Services Feb 7, 2020 Illinois State or Local
Upcoming: Replace billing software $20,000 Feb 1, 2020 Kansas Intelligence
Bid for Medical Billing and Management Software Feb 11, 2020 New Jersey State or Local
RFP for Clinical Research Electronic Payment System Jan 23, 2020 Ohio State or Local
RFP for Electronic Medical Record Jan 30, 2020 South Carolina State or Local
RFP for Emergency Department Facility Charing and Coding Feb 12, 2020 South Carolina State or Local
Medicaid Management Information - Claims Processing and Management Jan 30, 2020 Vermont State or Local
Bids for Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance Reporting Services Feb 12, 2020 Virginia State or Local
Bid for Electronic Health Records Systems Feb 7, 2020 Wisconsin State or Local