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Consulting: Event Planning, Meetings, Conference

Title Due Date State Type
RFP for Performing Arts Event Producer Jan 25, 2021 California State or Local
Family Planning Conference Planning & Management Feb 8, 2021 Colorado State or Local
Award Notice Total Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.5) Airport Shuttle - JAX to Hyatt Regency Riverfront Feb 23, 2021 Florida Intelligence
Cultural Arts Center Event Production Feb 9, 2021 Georgia State or Local
EEC Conference Supports Apr 2, 2021 Massachusetts State or Local
PubEd Conference Facility Feb 1, 2021 Massachusetts State or Local
Conf: Brownfields and Beyond 2021 Feb 1, 2021 Minnesota State or Local
Entertainment Services for 2021 Special Events Calendar Feb 2, 2021 New Jersey State or Local
Professional Stage Services Jan 20, 2021 New York State or Local
Real Property, Office, Hotel, Conferences & Meeting Space Feb 10, 2021 New York State or Local
Event Parking Jan 19, 2021 New York State or Local
Victim Services Conference Jan 27, 2021 New York State or Local
RFP for Event Planner Feb 3, 2021 South Carolina State or Local
TN Procurement Opportunities Conference Jan 26, 2021 Tennessee State or Local
New Dimensions Campaign Launch Feb 1, 2021 Texas State or Local
Behavioral Health Conference Support Services Jan 21, 2021 Washington State or Local
Exhibit, Expo, Event Services Jan 21, 2021 Wisconsin State or Local
Virtual Events Services Jan 18, 2021 Leinster, Ireland State or Local
Event Management Services Jan 25, 2021 Leinster, Ireland State or Local