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Consulting: Historical, Archaeology Service

Title Due Date State Type
District Commission Handbook Historic Consulting Services Oct 29, 2020 Connecticut State or Local
Historic House Restoration Nov 5, 2020 Florida State or Local
Historic Archaeology Consultant Nov 3, 2020 Kentucky State or Local
University Archives Conservation Services Oct 29, 2020 Louisiana State or Local
RFP for Historical Commission Guidelines Notebook Update Nov 19, 2020 Massachusetts State or Local
Architect - Historic Preservation Nov 30, 2020 New Jersey State or Local
RFP for Historical Preservation Planning & Analysis Nov 12, 2020 North Carolina State or Local
RFP for Historical and Archeological Research Nov 12, 2020 South Carolina State or Local
Historic Preservation Professional Services for Historic Resources Survey Plan Nov 4, 2020 Texas State or Local
RFQ for Historic Preservation Professional Services Nov 4, 2020 Texas State or Local
Proposals for Archeological General Services Nov 18, 2020 Texas State or Local
Historic District Targeted Rehab SubProgram Module – Contractor Oct 29, 2020 Texas State or Local
Demolition Standards for Historic Buildings Today Vermont State or Local
Archeological Assessment and Predictive Model Nov 23, 2020 Virginia State or Local
Archeological On-Call Services Nov 23, 2020 Virginia State or Local
Filipino American Historic Context and Survey Nov 2, 2020 Washington State or Local
Heritage Plaque Program Extension Today British Columbia State or Local
Materials for the Conservation, Archiving, Transport and Storage of Museum Collections Oct 12, 2023 Leinster, Ireland State or Local