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Government Bids and RFPs by Industry

Industry Active Awards
A Miscellaneous Category List
Business Events, Expos, Matchmaking powered by GovEvents List
Business Guides and General Reports List
Capital Improvement Program Review List
Consulting: Accounting, Banking and Finance RFPs List
Consulting: Architectural and Engineering RFPs List
Consulting: Conservation, Energy, Solar, Green RFPs List
Consulting: Court and Legal Government RFPs List
Consulting: Dental, Healthcare, Therapy, Medical RFPs List
Consulting: Education, Training, Leadership, Religion RFPs List
Consulting: Emergency Preparedness and Security Assessment RFP's List
Consulting: Event Planning, Meetings, Conference RFPs List
Consulting: Historical, Archaeology Service RFPs List
Consulting: Hotel, Lodging RFPs List
Consulting: Housing, Assisted Living, Nursing Home RFPs List
Consulting: Human Resources, Staffing, Recruitment RFPs List
Consulting: Insurance and Benefit Plan RFPs List
Consulting: Interior Design Service Gov't RFPs List
Consulting: Management, Technical, Research / Development RFPs List
Consulting: Marketing, Advertising, PR, Graphic Design RFPs List
Consulting: Planning and Transportation Analysis List
Consulting: Professional Services and Federal - RFPS List
Consulting: Public Affairs, Legislative, Lobbyist RFPs List
Consulting: Real Estate, Purchase, Lease, Structure, Facility RFPs List
Consulting: Youth and Aging Service RFPs List
Defense Logistics Agency List
Equipment: Air Circulation, Boilers, Furnace, Refrig Bids List
Equipment: Aircraft Related Bids List
Equipment: Appliances, Service and Trade Equipment Bids List
Equipment: Athletic, Playground, Recreation, Golf Carts Bids List
Equipment: Auto, OEM Part Bids List
Equipment: Boat and Marine Bids List
Equipment: Engine, Turbine, Component Gov Bids List
Equipment: Heavy, Dump Truck, Tractor, Trailer, Lift Bids List
Equipment: Installation, Maintenance and Repair List
Equipment: Instrumentation, Radar Bids List
Equipment: Light Vehicle, Auto, Pick-up Truck Bids List
Equipment: Machinery, Small, Mower Bids List
Equipment: Medical and Laboratory Government Bids List
Equipment: Modular and Prefabricated Structure Bids List
Equipment: Office, Copier Bids List
Equipment: Petroleum Bulk Station and Terminal RFPs List
Equipment: Power Supply, Charging Stations, Solar, Generator, UPS, Battery Bids List
Equipment: Purification and Filter Bids List
Equipment: Rental and Leasing List
Equipment: Safety, Fire and Police Gov Bids and RFPs List
Equipment: Solid Waste Bids List
Equipment: Tanks (Fuel/Water) Bids List
Equipment: Tools, Hand, Power Bids List
Equipment: Transit, Ambulance, Custom Conversions, Railway (Buses, Trains, Modular Vehicles) List
Equipment: Water, Wastewater, Pump Bids List
Infrastructure: Bridges, Road Construction, Railway Bids List
Infrastructure: Climate Change and Environmental List
Infrastructure: Demolition, Salvage and Excavation Bids List
Infrastructure: General Construction, CMAR, Commissioning, Buildings, Schools RFP's Bids List
Infrastructure: Marine Construction, Dredging Bids List
Infrastructure: Material Bids (Aggregate, Asphalt, Concrete, Rocks, Salt, Sand) List
Infrastructure: Painting, Striping, Marking Bids List
Infrastructure: Park, Pool, Playground, Stadium Construction Bids List
Infrastructure: Parking, Meters, Ticket System RFPs List
Infrastructure: Patching, Milling, Seal Coat, Asphalt Repair Bids List
Infrastructure: Sidewalks, Pathways, Parking Lot Bids List
Infrastructure: Signalization, Barricades, Barrels, Post, Poles, Related Bids List
Infrastructure: Water and Sewer, Utility Construction Contract Bids List
IT: Consulting and Service RFPs List
IT: Data, Cloud, Records Management, Storage, SAN RFPs List
IT: Drones, Robotics, Unmanned Vehicles and Crafts List
IT: Education (K-12 and Higher) RFPs List
IT: Financial, Accounting, POS, Payroll System Government RFPs List
IT: Geographic, RFID, GPS Systems, Mapping and Seismic Bids List
IT: Hardware and Government Technology Equipment Bids List
IT: Media, Audio and Visual Government Bids List
IT: Medical Coding / Billing Government Bids List
IT: Medical, Lab, Science Technology Project Opportunities List
IT: Network, Wifi, WAN/LAN, Cabling, Fiber, Internet Government RFPs List
IT: Photography, Microfilming, Scanning, Copy List
IT: Recycling, Disposal of Electronic Device Bids List
IT: Security - Cyber, Firewall, Technology Related RFP's List
IT: Security, Alarm, CCTV, and Monitoring RFPs List
IT: Simulation Equipment, Kiosk and Service RFPs by Governments List
IT: Software used by Governments List
IT: Video Production, Captioning Bids, RFP's by Governments List
IT: Voice, Communication, VoIP, Telecom RFPs List
IT: Web Development, Database, Programming, Application RFPs List
Sale and Gov Auctions: Equipment and Property List
Services / Equipment: Vehicle Conversion CNG / Propane List
Services / Supplies: Agriculture and Animal Related Gov't Bids List
Services: Art, Exhibit, Monuments, Cemetery Government Bids List
Services: Auctioneering RFPs List
Services: Auto Repair, Towing, Equipment Repair Government Bids List
Services: Billing, Collection, Investigation, Background, Fingerprint, Livescan List
Services: Call Center, Answering, Telemarketing RFPs List
Services: Cleaning and Custodial Government Building RFPs List
Services: Concessions, Food Services, Vending Bids List
Services: Debris Removal, Waste, Disaster Recovery, Recycling, Shredding RFPs List
Services: Environment, Abatement, Hazardous Gov RFPs List
Services: Facility, Property, Park Management, Operation Bids List
Services: Federal - S / Utilities Bids and RFPs List
Services: Gaming, Casino, Lottery Related List
Services: Grounds, Landscaping and Irrigation RFPs List
Services: Interpreter, Translation, Transcription, Court Reporting List
Services: Laboratory, Drug and Alcohol Screening RFPs List
Services: Laundry, Linen, Mats, Washing Bids List
Services: Personal, Sewing, Upholstery RFPs List
Services: Pest Control, Weed Government Bids List
Services: Print/Supply Labels, Barcodes, Decals, Wraps, Stickers, Ribbons List
Services: Printing, Publishing and Mailing RFPs List
Services: Recreational and Sport Government RFPs List
Services: Security, Protection, Safety Type Government RFPs List
Services: Traffic Control, Snow Removal, Dust Control, Salting, Sweeping List
Services: Transport, Hauling, Shipping, Warehousing, Moving Bids List
Services: Transportation, Charter, Taxi, Emergency Bids List
Supplies: Ammunition, Guns, Weapons, Flares Bids List
Supplies: Beverage, Food, Smallware Bids List
Supplies: Building, Lumber, Glass, Roofing, Steel, Culverts, Misc. Constr. Materials List
Supplies: Chemicals, Gases (Not Fuel) Government Bids List
Supplies: Clothing and Uniform Government Bids List
Supplies: Custodial, Janitorial, Soaps, Paper Towels Bids List
Supplies: Dental, Laboratory and Medical RFPs List
Supplies: Education, Training, Art Bids List
Supplies: Electrical, Lighting, Cabling Bids List
Supplies: Fuel, Oil, Lubricant Bids List
Supplies: Furniture, Furnishings, Shelving, Desk Bids List
Supplies: Graffiti/Vandal Shields - Glass/Lights Protection List
Supplies: Grounds, Landscaping, Turf Related Government Bids List
Supplies: Hardware, Abrasive, Bearing Bids List
Supplies: Musical, Phonograph, Radio Government Bids List
Supplies: Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials and Crude Materials List
Supplies: Office Supply, Paper Bids List
Supplies: Paint, Brushes, Sealers, Adhesive List
Supplies: Personal Care Item Bids List
Supplies: Plastic Products, Packaging, Containers, Tags, Seal Bids List
Supplies: Plumbing, Irrigation, Water Meters, Valves Bids List
Supplies: Promotional Item, Award, Seasonal Firework RFPs List
Supplies: Rope, Chain, Cable, and Fittings List
Supplies: Signs, Wayfinding, Signage (Interior, Exterior) Bids List
Supplies: Textile, Fabric and Flag Bids List
Trades and Subcontracts: Carpentry, Doors, Entryways, Locksmith Bids List
Trades and Subcontracts: Concrete, Granite, Masonry, Brick, Block Contracting Opps List
Trades and Subcontracts: Electrical RFPs and Bids List
Trades and Subcontracts: Elevator and Lift Government Bids List
Trades and Subcontracts: Fence, Gate, Guardrail Government Bids List
Trades and Subcontracts: Flooring, Carpet, Tile Work Contract Opportunities List
Trades and Subcontracts: Glass, Glazing, Windows, Tinting Contract Listings List
Trades and Subcontracts: HVAC, Refrigeration, Mechanical Bid Opportunities List
Trades and Subcontracts: Inspection, Quality Control, Testing and Surveying Bid RFP's List
Trades and Subcontracts: Insulation, Siding, Ceiling, Drywall Work Contracts and Bids List
Trades and Subcontracts: Machinist, Fabrication and Welding Contract Opportunities List
Trades and Subcontracts: Painting, Pressure Wash, Blast, Weatherproof Bids List
Trades and Subcontracts: Plumbing, Fire Protection Service Bids List
Trades and Subcontracts: Roofing, Gutters, Canopy Government Projects List