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To help our members improve their chances of winning opportunities. We collect award details that are catalogued by industry and company profiles. Each listing provides information about the winning company as well as pricing data (or links to find out more about winning prices). You are also able to view recent awards by individual companies. We are able to seek out information about specific awards upon request. See the last 25 awards added to GovDirections below.

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Purchase Turnout Gear goes to Young's Firehouse Feb 3, 2009 See Who Won See Award
Supply Bituminous Material Awarded to Emulsion Products Company Mar 17, 2009 See Who Won $112,200
HVAC Contract awarded to HVAC Concepts Nov 5, 2008 See Who Won $115,038.38
Soil Vapor Extraction System Awarded to Golden Construction Nov 14, 2008 See Who Won $217,675.00
Master Plan for Park Awarded to Lose & Associates Oct 31, 2008 See Who Won $19,500
Breathing Air Compressor awarded to B&T Enterprises Oct 15, 2008 See Who Won $38,890.00
Wet pipe fire sprinkler system awarded to AT&T Sprinkler Oct 9, 2008 See Who Won $25,800.00
2.302 miles of grading, widening and paving Awarded to McCoy Grading Oct 27, 2008 See Who Won $1,733,723.29
KRM Concrete Awarded Project in Rapid City Mar 16, 2009 See Who Won $30,158.63
Six (6) 2009 Chevy Impala Mar 16, 2009 See Who Won $139,740.00
Hydrofarm Hydroponics Equipment Dec 18, 2008 See Who Won See link
Dell Computers Oct 28, 2008 See Who Won $15,400
Copy Paper Nov 12, 2008 See Who Won See link
La Pavoni Expresso Machine and Grinder Dec 29, 2008 See Who Won See Link
New Bolier for Water Filtration Plant Jan 6, 2009 See Who Won $31,491.88
Municipal Court Renovation Awarded to Woodburn Construction Jan 13, 2009 See Who Won $61,800
SUPPLIES, FILTERS Feb 18, 2009 See Who Won $ 138,699.73
Montenegro Paper Lands $166,046 Contract Feb 18, 2009 See Who Won $ 166,046.00
CONTAINERS AND LINERS, RECEPTACLE Feb 18, 2009 See Who Won $ 115,848.00
Johnson Pipe and Supply Awarded $353,000 Contract Mar 18, 2009 See Who Won $353,548.98
Partial Roof Replacement Project Mar 12, 2009 See Who Won See Bid Tab
Removal & Lawful Disposal of Electronic Waste Dec 17, 2008 See Who Won .11 per pound
Hand Sander, Metal Body, Gray Finish Dec 3, 2008 See Who Won $3,750.00
Lock Schlage D70PD Ply Dec 16, 2008 See Who Won $5,565.00
Parkling Lot Lighting Fixture Head, Light Pole, Metal Halide Lamp Mar 11, 2009 See Who Won $1,830.00
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