Tips and Tricks When Bidding for Government Contracts

In The United States, it is to many’s belief that only big businesses can obtain a contract with the government. Although it seems as though the only thing we hear on the news is how our government deals with large corporations, there is another side to government contracting that runs on a more local level, catering to smaller, family-run businesses. For many small business owners, a contract with the United States government can mean a steady income that can last for years and years.

When bidding for a government contract, there are certain things that a small business owner should keep in mind. Government contracts tend to work in a different way than other business contracts, and many people do not know what these differences are. When browsing government contracting websites, many business owners may get discouraged by technical language and a seemingly infinite list of requirements. Do not be discouraged! With a little help and focus, you can land that big state contract, too!


Here are a few key points to keep in mind when bidding for a government contract:

• Know What Type of Bid You Need—With so many types of government contracts out there, it is important to know what type of bid your business will be seeking. The government offers contracts that can be worth millions of dollars and that crosses state lines, or smaller deals that are centered on a specific locality. Know what types of contracts your business can handle, and seek something that matches your workload.

• Acquire Registration Needed to Bid—When bidding for a government contract, a business is required to be registered within their locality, so that contractors know that your business is able to work with the government. In certain bidding circumstances, other permits and registrations may also be required, so make sure your business is familiar with the necessary documents needed in order to begin bidding.

• Know Whom You Are Bidding To—Within the government, there are numerous sub-contracts and agencies that a business can submit their bid to. It is important for businesses to know what agency they will be working for, and where to apply. Oftentimes, different branches of the federal government, such as the Veterans Administration seek bids for projects. Know who you will be bidding to, and cater your bid to the ins and outs of that organization.

• Know Where To Bid—many different government organizations have varying methods of accepting contractual bids from independently run businesses. Some larger government organizations may require that a business apply online, while local governments may require that a business apply in person or over the phone. By knowing what type of bid you are seeking, it will become easier to find where your business needs to go in order to apply.


Preparing to Submit Your Bid

Once your business is aware of what type of bid you are applying for and the types of registration and documents needed to submit your application, it is important to prepare your sales pitch, and know what your organization has to offer. Submitting a bid to the government is just like marketing your business to any other organization or institution. Make sure that you know what is required in the contract you are bidding for, and make sure that you highlight what your business has to offer.

Take government bids seriously, as if you were pitching your goods and services to a very high-end client. Government contracts can end up being long lasting and incredibly profitable for both small businesses and large corporations. Keep in mind that The United States government is one of the largest organizations in the world, and is very reliable when it comes to their contracting. For a small business owner, landing a government bid can be life altering, so take your application and pitch process seriously.

Be Prepared, But Not Overwhelmed

Oftentimes, bidding a contract to the federal government can be very overwhelming and scary. With so many loops to jump through and bridges to cross, it can appear to not be worth it in the long run to work alongside the government. However, if taken one task at a time, the steps required to land a bid could become easy, and very worthwhile.

Like any other large organization, our local, state, and federal governments have a lot on their plate, and require many different organizations working with them to stay afloat. With so many strict regulations in place, our governmental organizations must adhere to strict standards when it comes to health, safety, and budget. For a business owner who is not familiar with certain government practices, this can seem overwhelming. However, with strict adherence to these standards, you can land a contract that will last for years!

When bidding for a government contract, keep these tips in mind and everything will run smoothly. If you are a small business owner, do not let yourself become overwhelmed when applying for a contract because in the long term, having a steady government contract can do wonders for your business. Be patient and vigilant when applying, and everything will run smoothly and efficiently with your bid.

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