Finding State and Local Contracts Early

Are you reading a request for proposal and thinking “geez this sure looks like my competitor wrote the RFP?” Well, they just might have.

The local, state and federal government contracting stage is much longer than simply the open period for responses. The process often starts years in advance with capital improvement planning. These plans move forward to the active budget planning stage where local procurement specialists start inquiring about cost proposals. The actual cost estimations may come from comparable local government projects (and those local officials), but may also come from directly from vendors.

Budgets: The Best Lead Source

Monitoring local government budgets for upcoming plans is a simple way to learn about these projects early. The first document to watch is the capital improvement budget. GovDirections monitors CIP plans and publishes links to those documents online. They are reviewed by analysts with experience in public budget reviews. The second document to watch is the actual fiscal or calendar year budget. These budgets will general publish line item acquisition plans. GovDirections expert staff reads through these public budgets and publishes those items online.

Finding state and local contracts early in the opportunity stage is one of the best way to win new government business. So next time the RFP is issued – make your competition think you help designed the proposal document!

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Mark Knowles

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  1. I’m just beginning in federal government contracting and my resources are very limited as well as my credit rating from the past being around 580. Being a minority, service disabled, small business owner do I gain capital to grow and expand my business to be competitive in government contracting?

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