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Equipment: Instrumentation, Radar Bids

Title Due Date State Type
Bids for Real-Time PCR Instrument with Tower Computer Sep 27, 2018 California State or Local
Bids for Portable Flow Meter And Temperature Sensors Oct 4, 2018 California State or Local
Full Body Scanner Oct 17, 2018 Florida State or Local
Color Radar Procurement And Installation On C-130e Sep 26, 2018 Georgia Federal
Bathymetric Survey Equipment Oct 10, 2018 Kansas State or Local
Diesel Truck Diagnostic System Oct 22, 2018 Louisiana State or Local
Shipboard Air Traffic Radars An/spn-50(v)1 Oct 15, 2018 Maryland Federal
B & C Qrip 3 Integration Oct 17, 2018 Maryland Federal
Upcoming: SCADA $7 million Oct 1, 2018 Massachusetts Pro Early Lead
Upcoming: Water Analyzer - Health Department (2019 CIP) Jan 1, 2019 Michigan Pro Early Lead
Data Logger Purchase and Calibration Service Mar 28, 2020 Minnesota State or Local
Supplemental Disinfection System Oct 2, 2018 Nevada State or Local
2018 Purchase of New and Unused Mission Communication Pump SCADA Equipment Sep 25, 2018 New Jersey State or Local
Talyvel 6 Electronic Level Differential System Sep 28, 2018 New Jersey Federal
Spread Spectrum Radios Sep 25, 2018 New York State or Local
Ion8650 Meters, Software And Start U P Sep 25, 2018 New York Federal
Hydraulic Model Oct 12, 2018 North Carolina State or Local
66--indicator,digital D Sep 24, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
Chemical Detection Systems Inspection/Maintenance Sep 25, 2018 Pennsylvania State or Local
Bids for Water Leak Detector/Correlator System Oct 10, 2018 South Carolina State or Local
Maintenance Terminal Equipment Controller Sep 24, 2018 Tennessee State or Local
Noise Meters Annual Calibration (3 Devices) Sep 26, 2018 Texas State or Local
An/fps-117(v)1/4 Long Range Radar Sep 30, 2018 Utah Federal
Upcoming: XRay Machine Oct 1, 2018 Virginia Pro Early Lead
Radar Set Subassembly Dec 14, 2018 Virginia Federal
SW Antenna Unit Dec 3, 2018 Virginia Federal
58--case,optical Instru Sep 24, 2018 Virginia Federal
58--strip,filler Oct 18, 2018 Virginia Federal
Furuno Tzt Commercial Solid State Radar System On Board A Ship. Sep 24, 2018 Washington Federal
Spectrum Efficient National Surveillance Radar Program (sensr) 2018 Request For Information (rfi) Sep 30, 2018 Washington D.C. Federal
Spectrum Efficient National Surveillance Radar Program (sensr) Sensr July 23 – July 25, 2018 Industry Week Sep 30, 2018 Washington D.C. Federal
Gas Chromatograph Sep 24, 2018 Alberta State or Local
CVE Portable Scales Sep 24, 2018 Alberta State or Local
Air Quality Analyzers and Instrumentation Sep 24, 2018 Saskatchewan State or Local
Fy21-25 An/spy-6 Radar Hardware Production Oct 19, 2018 International Tenders Federal