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Equipment: Instrumentation Bids

Title Due Date State Type
2017 SCADA System Upgrades Jun 29, 2017 Alabama State or Local
NETWORK ANALYZER & SPECTRUM ANALYZER/TV Jun 28, 2017 Alabama State or Local
ION Chromatograph System Jun 29, 2017 Arizona State or Local
Upcoming: Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer Aug 1, 2017 Arizona Pro Early Lead
Water Meter Reading Equipment Jul 6, 2017 California State or Local
CHEMICAL DETECTOR Jun 26, 2017 California State or Local
Am/fm Test Source Jun 27, 2017 California Federal
Portable Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Jun 29, 2017 California State or Local
Spear Family Of Tactical Headborne Systems Jun 29, 2017 Florida Federal
Instrumentation and Control Systems Jul 18, 2017 Florida State or Local
Weights Measuring Instruments Jun 27, 2017 Florida State or Local
Texture Meter Manufacturing Jul 12, 2017 Florida State or Local
Brand Name Or Equal Sontek Flowtracker 2 Jul 7, 2017 Idaho Federal
Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer Jun 27, 2017 Iowa State or Local
Bids for Odalog Instruments Jun 30, 2017 Maryland State or Local
Gyroscope, Rate Jul 31, 2017 Michigan Federal
Data Logger Purchase and Calibration Service Mar 28, 2020 Minnesota State or Local
NITRATAX SENSORS AND CONTROLLERS Jun 27, 2017 Minnesota State or Local
US Radar Quantum Imager Jun 27, 2017 Missouri State or Local
GAS CHROMATOGRAPH SYSTEM Jun 26, 2017 Missouri State or Local
Mail-In Pipette Calibration Jul 19, 2017 Missouri State or Local
Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLD) Jun 28, 2017 Montana State or Local
ThermoVision SENTRY II Parts/Accessories/Labor Jul 2, 2018 New Jersey Federal
Instrumentation Calibration and Repair Jul 6, 2017 New Jersey State or Local
Upcoming: Utility equipment for SCADA Jul 1, 2017 New Mexico Pro Early Lead
Dla Land And Maritime - Low Density Items - Multiple Fscs Aug 31, 2017 Ohio Federal
2-Pocket Currency Discriminator Jun 21, 2107 Oklahoma State or Local
Calibrate Hexsim Model Aug 7, 2017 Oregon Federal
66--gyroscope,rate Jul 31, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
66--indicator,course Aug 1, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
Land Evidence Recording System Jul 12, 2017 Rhode Island State or Local
Chlorine Monitor Sep 29, 2017 Tennessee State or Local
TOC Analyzers Jul 13, 2017 Texas State or Local
Detection Equipment Calibration, Maintenance and Training Program Jul 5, 2017 Texas State or Local
ICA Performance Lighting Instruments and Accessories Jun 30, 2017 Virginia State or Local
66--purchase Of Yokes For Aa Current Meters. Jun 28, 2017 Virginia Federal
Water Softener System/Installation Jul 13, 2017 West Virginia State or Local
Crack Repair, Chip Seal Coat, Graded Aggregate Seal Coat and Other Work May 11, 2018 Alberta State or Local
Autobody Shop Equipment Jun 29, 2017 Alberta State or Local
Steel Quality Assurance Services Jul 6, 2017 Alberta State or Local
Gas Chromatograph Jun 29, 2017 Alberta State or Local
RADAR DETECTION SYSTEM Jun 29, 2017 Saskatchewan State or Local