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IT: Geographic, RFID, GPS Systems, Mapping and Seismic Bids

Title Due Date State Type
Map Graphic Designer Oct 14, 2017 California State or Local
Modernized Receiver Test Asset/modernized Signal Test Asset System (mrta/msta) Mar 30, 2017 California Federal
Airport Surface Management System Apr 13, 2017 California State or Local
Geo Location Services Worldwide Apr 14, 2017 California Federal
RFP for Electrical Thermographic Scan Apr 14, 2017 California State or Local
Global Positioning System (gps) Iii Contingency Operations M-code Early Use Apr 6, 2017 California Federal
Antenna Mar 27, 2017 California Federal
58--norbit Mbes & Accessories Today Colorado Federal
GIS Support Services Mar 31, 2017 Colorado State or Local
GIS Technology Services Mar 29, 2017 Delaware State or Local
Geotechnical Services Mar 28, 2017 Florida State or Local
GPS Hardware Mar 30, 2017 Florida State or Local
Technical Sensor Radar Support Apr 11, 2017 Florida Federal
Rfi And Ss Geo Tool Apr 5, 2017 Florida Federal
Waste Management Solution Utilizing Radio-Frequency Identification Apr 18, 2017 Florida State or Local
Foreign Comparative Test (fct) High Resolution 3d (hr3d) Geospatial Data Apr 17, 2017 Florida Federal
Land Boundary and Topographical Surveys Apr 13, 2017 Georgia State or Local
Signal Data Process Applicable Tcas Apr 14, 2017 Georgia Federal
Repair Of Receiver Transmitters May 3, 2017 Georgia Federal
N--installation Of Twelve (12) Simrad Radar Systems By Simrad Certified Installer Mar 28, 2017 Hawaii Federal
GPS System and Monitoring Service Mar 29, 2017 Illinois State or Local
Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (emss) Airtime Services Mar 31, 2017 Illinois Federal
Emergency and National Security: NextGen Air Traffic Control System Apr 1, 2017 Louisiana Pro Early Lead
Global Lpositioning System (gps) Message Router Without Gps (gmr-100), Gps Message Router With Gps (gmr-500), Electronic Data Manager Spiral 3.5 (edm) Apr 5, 2017 Maryland Federal
Gps Receiver Mar 28, 2017 Maryland Federal
Radar Oem Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (idiq) For An/zpy-8 Radar Initial Spares, Equipment, Repairs, And Associated Support Apr 6, 2017 Maryland Federal
Hardy Kiwi Coordination and Mapping Mar 31, 2017 Massachusetts State or Local
Upcoming Bids for Offender GPS Tracking Jul 1, 2017 Michigan Pro Early Lead
Gps Receivers - 2 Ea Mar 29, 2017 Minnesota Federal
Lebanon Gps Apr 21, 2017 Ohio Federal
Lebanon Gps Apr 17, 2017 Ohio Federal
F-16 C/d An/apg-68 Radar 5841-01-431-7452 Sep 14, 2018 Oklahoma Federal
58--indicator,azimuth Apr 10, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
58--radar Signal Indica Apr 17, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
RFP for Automatic Vehicle Locator System Apr 20, 2017 Texas State or Local
Services Support For An/fps-117 Radar Jun 19, 2017 Utah Federal
GPS Vehicle Tracking System Mar 31, 2017 Utah State or Local
User Support/emergency Depot Level Maintenance For An/fps-117 Long Range Radar Apr 19, 2017 Utah Federal
Vietnam - Gpi Phase Iii, Contractor Performance Database System Feasibility Study Mar 31, 2017 Virginia Federal
58--radar Set Subassemb Apr 3, 2017 Virginia Federal
303t Antenna Control Unit Mar 29, 2017 Virginia Federal
58--receiver,radar Apr 10, 2017 Virginia Federal
58--modulator,radar Mar 27, 2017 Virginia Federal
Mapping And Cartographic Services Mar 27, 2017 Virginia Federal
Geostationary Earth Orbiting (geo) Satellite Apr 24, 2017 Washington D.C. Federal
GPS Traversing & Boundary Layout Apr 26, 2017 British Columbia State or Local
Optical Coherence Tomography Mar 29, 2017 British Columbia State or Local
AIRBORNE MAP SYSTEM Mar 28, 2017 Saskatchewan State or Local
Supply of Airborne LiDAR Data Mar 27, 2017 Saskatchewan State or Local