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IT: Geographic, RFID, GPS Systems, Mapping and Seismic Bids

Title Due Date State Type
Upcoming: AWOS Weather Reporting Equipment Jul 1, 2018 Arizona Pro Early Lead
R -- Global Positioning System (gps)-based Positioning, Navigation, And Timing Service (gpnts) Software Support Sep 15, 2017 California Federal
RFP for RFID Tagging Jul 24, 2017 California State or Local
RFQ for Aerial Photo Surveying Service Jul 20, 2017 California State or Local
Solar Gps Systems Jul 12, 2017 California Federal
RFP for Fleet GPS and Telematics System Jul 11, 2017 California State or Local
D -- Satellite Service Jun 27, 2017 California Federal
Imaging Of 155mm Atrillery Projectiles Jul 3, 2017 Illinois Federal
RFP for Incoming Packaging Processing Solutions Jul 14, 2017 Maine State or Local
Tactical Aircraft Moving Map Capability(tammac) Basic Ordering Agreement (boa) Jul 5, 2017 Maryland Federal
Rfi For Jpss And Goes-r Ground Systems Jul 7, 2017 Maryland Federal
Risk Mapping Of Arbovirus Transmission Jul 12, 2017 Maryland Federal
Navigation Set, Satellite Signals Jul 7, 2017 Maryland Federal
Unattended Ground Sensor Jul 12, 2017 Maryland Federal
Upcoming Bids for Offender GPS Tracking Jul 1, 2017 Michigan Pro Early Lead
Mapping Services and Construction Materials Jul 5, 2017 Mississippi State or Local
Ots Call 7 - 3d Dynamic Mapping Call May 3, 2018 Nevada Federal
Iarpa-baa-17-02 Amon-hen Aug 11, 2017 Nevada Federal
10 GPS collars and associated software and transmitter/reader hardware Jun 29, 2017 Nevada Federal
Election Mapping Services Jun 27, 2017 New Jersey State or Local
An/trn-47(v)2 Airfield Mobile Tactical Air Navigation (tacan) Jul 5, 2017 New Jersey Federal
Eval And Repair Radar Signal Sims Jul 6, 2017 New Jersey Federal
58--whooping Crane Telemetry System Jun 28, 2017 New Mexico Federal
Wind Warning Light System Jul 6, 2017 New Mexico State or Local
F-16 C/d An/apg-68 Radar 5841-01-431-7452 Sep 14, 2018 Oklahoma Federal
Bids for Aerial Photogrammetry and Pilot Training Jul 7, 2017 South Carolina State or Local
99--bs Gps/telematics For Gov's Jul 21, 2017 Texas Federal
RFP for Route Optimization Software Jul 11, 2017 Texas State or Local
Automatic Vehicle Location Equipment and Services Jul 6, 2017 Virginia State or Local
Bids for Automatic Vehicle Location Equipment and Services Jul 6, 2017 Virginia State or Local
58--simrad Commercial Radar Aug 1, 2017 Virginia Federal
RFID Mass Fatality Incident Jul 13, 2017 Washington State or Local
Mapping of Water Deposits Jun 30, 2017 Washington D.C. State or Local
58--telematics Devices And Service On Houston's Gsa Vehicles Jun 26, 2017 Washington D.C. Federal
Global Navigation Satellite System (gnss) Technical Support Services Market Survey Jul 24, 2017 Washington D.C. Federal
Seismic Assessment & Design Services Jun 29, 2017 British Columbia State or Local
Selection of a firm specializing in positioning and branding Jun 27, 2017 Quebec Tenders State or Local