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IT: Video Production, Captioning Bids, RFP&#;s by Governments

Title Due Date State Type
Construction Videographers Apr 12, 2017 California State or Local
Cellular Video Event Recorders Apr 5, 2017 Illinois State or Local
Cable or Satellite Television Distribution System Apr 4, 2017 Kansas State or Local
Cable Tv Jan 31, 2018 Louisiana Federal
Closed Captioning Apr 13, 2017 Maryland State or Local
Bids for Television Editing Equipment and Storage Area System Upgrade Apr 3, 2017 Maryland State or Local
TV Production Equipment Apr 19, 2017 Maryland State or Local
Service: TV Broadcasting MSOP St Peter/Moose Lake Apr 7, 2017 Minnesota State or Local
Broadcasting Technicians Mar 30, 2017 Nevada Federal
Radio Broadcast Mar 29, 2017 Nevada Federal
Videographer Vender Services Apr 4, 2017 New York State or Local
RFP for Streaming Digital Service Apr 7, 2017 Ohio State or Local
Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department Mar 30, 2017 Oklahoma State or Local
Airtime on Major Networks Mar 30, 2017 Oklahoma State or Local
Upcoming: Television Service for SE Reg Apr 30, 2017 Tennessee Pro Early Lead
Sign language or oral interpreters and real-time captioning Aug 31, 2018 Texas State or Local
D--rfi Cable Television Installation Mar 31, 2017 Virginia Federal
Videography Streaming Services for Athletics Apr 18, 2017 Virginia State or Local
67--video Production Equipment Apr 6, 2017 Virginia Federal
Inattentional Blindness Video Production Mar 30, 2017 Washington State or Local
Video Recruitment Solution Partners Apr 7, 2017 Alberta State or Local
Mission 125 Media Production Services Apr 4, 2017 British Columbia State or Local
Bilingual Computer-Based Career Guidance Program Apr 10, 2017 New Brunswick State or Local
Audio & Visual Production Services Mar 28, 2017 Saskatchewan State or Local