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IT: Medical, Lab, Science Technology Project Opportunities

Title Due Date State Type
H -- Information Operations (io) And Meteorology And Oceanography (metoc) Engineering Services And Software Development May 15, 2017 California Federal
Remove And Install Spectrum Monitor System Today California Federal
A--Spectrum Efficient Technology (SET) FY14 Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) W900KK-13-R-0015 (TRMC - PEO STRI) Sep 30, 2018 Florida Pro Early Lead
A-- <br> Net-Centric Systems Test (NST) FY14 Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) W900KK-13-R-0018 (TRMC - PEO STRI) <br> Sep 30, 2018 Florida Pro Early Lead
A-- <br> Net-centric Systems Test (nst) Fy14 Broad Agency Announcement (baa) W900kk-13-r-0018 (trmc - Peo Stri) <br> Sep 30, 2018 Florida Pro Early Lead
A--high Speed Systems Test (hsst) Fy14 Broad Agency Announcement (baa) W900kk-13-r-0020 Sep 30, 2018 Florida Pro Early Lead
Perkinelmer E-notebook Upgrade And Annual Software Maintenance May 7, 2017 Georgia Federal
Spectrum Two System Today Illinois State or Local
development of a spectrum sensor Jan 31, 2018 Maryland Federal
Periodic, On-going Data On Health It Adoption Among Hospitals And Physicians. May 8, 2017 Maryland Federal
Nida Notes Content Support Services May 9, 2017 Maryland Federal
Environmental Monitoring System May 3, 2017 Maryland Federal
Medical Technology Innovation For Rehabilitation Medicine In The Military Health System Today Massachusetts Federal
Traveling Wave Tube (twt)s May 26, 2017 Massachusetts Federal
Behavioral Health Data Portal May 18, 2017 Nevada Federal
U--online Access To Clinical Bibliographic Resources-visn 2 (upstate) May 1, 2017 New York Federal
A--veteran-centric Web-based Cbt-i (va-17-057707) May 12, 2017 New York Federal
Gsl Intellisys Maintenance May 2, 2017 Oklahoma Federal
99--cellebrite Ufed Touch Ultimate License May 8, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
RFP for Dental ASO Jun 14, 2017 South Carolina State or Local
Digital Imaging Today Texas State or Local
RFP for Laboratory Informatics Solution May 22, 2017 Texas State or Local
Biological Technologies Ez Nov 21, 2017 Virginia Federal
Biological Technologies Apr 26, 2018 Virginia Federal
Q--on-line Medical Clearance For Respirator May 12, 2017 Washington Federal
Final Screening Information Request (sir) - Aerospace Medicine Safety Information System (amsis) May 11, 2017 Washington D.C. Federal
Uscg Electronic Health Record Acquisition Rfi May 26, 2017 Washington D.C. Federal