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IT: Medical, Lab, Science Technology Project Opportunities

Title Due Date State Type
Data Science And Informatics Group (dsig) Deep Learning Support May 29, 2018 Alabama Federal
Q--subscription To Physicians On-line Medical Resources Database Services May 25, 2018 Arkansas Federal
A -- Ssc Pacific Cyberspace Science, Research, Engineering, And Technology Integration Jul 19, 2018 California Federal
A--Spectrum Efficient Technology (SET) FY14 Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) W900KK-13-R-0015 (TRMC - PEO STRI) Sep 30, 2018 Florida Pro Early Lead
A-- <br> Net-Centric Systems Test (NST) FY14 Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) W900KK-13-R-0018 (TRMC - PEO STRI) <br> Sep 30, 2018 Florida Pro Early Lead
A-- <br> Net-centric Systems Test (nst) Fy14 Broad Agency Announcement (baa) W900kk-13-r-0018 (trmc - Peo Stri) <br> Sep 30, 2018 Florida Pro Early Lead
A--high Speed Systems Test (hsst) Fy14 Broad Agency Announcement (baa) W900kk-13-r-0020 Sep 30, 2018 Florida Pro Early Lead
Software Licencing May 25, 2018 Georgia Federal
Nuix Software Maintenance May 25, 2018 Georgia Federal
RFP for Laboratory Information Management System May 24, 2018 Illinois State or Local
Proquis Lab Document Control Licensing, Support, Maintenance And Professional Services Jun 13, 2018 Indiana Federal
Medical Information Request Tracker May 21, 2018 Maryland Federal
Ahrq Patient Safety Network (psnet) May 29, 2018 Maryland Federal
Labcyte Echo Plate Formatting Software And Storage Accessories May 22, 2018 Maryland Federal
Uav Risk Assessment Tools May 23, 2018 Mississippi Federal
Broad Agency Announcement (baa) For Research Interests In Advanced Undersea Technologies In The Areas Of Submarine And Surface Ship Sensors And Signal Processing Dec 27, 2018 Nevada Federal
Performance Management And Control May 24, 2018 New Jersey Federal
Actividentity Professional Services May 22, 2018 New Jersey Federal
Synopsys/sole Source Notice - Asteres Inc. Scriptcenter - Maintenance And Support Services May 22, 2018 New Mexico Federal
RFP for Care Management IT Solution Jun 5, 2018 New York State or Local
65--low Light Camera System May 22, 2018 South Carolina Federal
Bids for Forensic Interview Equipment May 24, 2018 South Carolina State or Local
Electronic Health Record Family Planning Jun 15, 2018 South Dakota State or Local
Infrared Imaging System & Accessories ITB (Sealed) May 24, 2018 Tennessee State or Local
Bids for Digital Evidence Project May 23, 2018 Texas State or Local
SIGMA+ Sensors May 31, 2018 Virginia Federal
Infrared Imaging System And Camera Jun 5, 2018 Washington D.C. Federal
D--ecri Institute Selectplus Healthcare Technology Decision Support Tools Subscription Bnoe | Sources Sought | 9608 May 25, 2018 Washington D.C. Federal
65--surgical Suite Video And Image Management System (idiq) Rfq May 23, 2018 Wisconsin Federal