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Equipment: Modular and Prefabricated Structure Bids

Title Due Date State Type
Air Monitoring Shelter Aug 2, 2017 Alabama State or Local
Modular 4 Fs Jul 21, 2017 Alabama Federal
Dry Cabin For Clear Air Force Station Jul 21, 2017 Alaska Federal
Buffalo Lake Storage Building Replacement Jul 27, 2017 Alaska State or Local
54--supply And Delivery Of Day Tanks Jul 27, 2017 Alaska Federal
Hazmat Storage Building Jul 26, 2017 Alaska Federal
Purchase/setup Prefabricated Gatehouse Jul 28, 2017 Arkansas Federal
Equipment Rental/Mobile Modular Building Jul 27, 2017 California State or Local
X--trailer Lease For Naval Base Point Loma For Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Detachment San Diego (pny-dsd) Personnel Aug 4, 2017 California Federal
54--rock Springs Fire Crew Quarters Aug 8, 2017 Colorado Federal
Arched Canopy Jul 24, 2017 Florida State or Local
Hangar Awnings Jul 26, 2017 Florida Federal
Portable Fold Out Shelters Jul 25, 2017 Georgia State or Local
Lightning Mast Aug 2, 2017 Georgia State or Local
Portable/modular Armory Jul 21, 2017 Idaho Federal
Prefabricated Steel Truss Trail Bridge Jul 28, 2017 Idaho Federal
Outdoor Stage Jul 27, 2017 Louisiana State or Local
Modular Trailer Install/lease Aug 8, 2017 Maryland Federal
Water & Wash Tank, Fabric, Collapsible Jul 24, 2017 Michigan Federal
Family Of High Military Load Class Bridging Aug 28, 2017 Michigan Federal
186 Arw Communications Tower Jul 31, 2017 Mississippi Federal
Recreation Information Kiosks Aug 11, 2017 Montana Federal
Lease Of Modular Building Jul 28, 2017 Nevada Federal
Pol Yard Office Aug 15, 2017 Nevada Federal
Replacement Latrines & Showers Aug 17, 2017 Nevada Federal
Melrose Air Force Range (mafr) Tornado Shelters Aug 7, 2017 New Mexico Federal
Bids for Modular Bullet-Resistant Teller Counters Jul 26, 2017 New York State or Local
Survey Office Mobile Trailer Aug 3, 2017 North Carolina Federal
84--field Shower,portab Aug 10, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
Safe Jul 28, 2017 Pennsylvania State or Local
54--tank,fabric,collaps Jul 27, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
54--interconnector,hori Jul 31, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
54--prefabricated Smoking Shelter For The Manchester, Nh Vamc Jul 24, 2017 Rhode Island Federal
Bids for Modular Buildings Jul 24, 2017 South Carolina State or Local
Bids for Band Field Observation Tower Jul 27, 2017 South Carolina State or Local
RFP for Election Warehouse Metal Building Aug 24, 2017 South Carolina State or Local
Bids for Suspended Scaffolding Jul 28, 2017 South Carolina State or Local
Pre-Engineered Metal Building Aug 3, 2017 Tennessee State or Local
Removal of Existing & Installation of New Manufactured Housing Units Jul 25, 2017 Texas State or Local
Bids for Welding Booths Jul 24, 2017 Texas State or Local
Prefabricated Portable Building Jul 31, 2017 Texas State or Local
Portable Modular Building for Florence, Tx Aug 4, 2017 Texas State or Local
80' Antenna Tower Aug 9, 2017 Texas Federal
Subcontractors Wanted: Temporary Facilities (e.g. portable toilets, trailers, etc.) Today Virginia State or Local
Custom Made Lab Camper Jul 28, 2017 Virginia Federal
54--mild Steel Purchase Jul 25, 2017 Virginia Federal
Airport Corporate Hangar Aug 22, 2017 Virginia State or Local
54--free Standing Awning Jul 24, 2017 Virginia Federal
Portable Bleachers Jul 21, 2017 Virginia Federal
Bids for Shower/Restroom Facility, Modular Aug 7, 2017 Virginia State or Local
Fabrication And Delivery Of Foam Filled Steel River Buoys Aug 3, 2017 Virginia Federal
54--wooden Storage Shed Jul 28, 2017 Virginia Federal
Prefabricated Enclosure Aug 8, 2017 Virginia Federal
54--prefabricated Ballistic Guard Booths Jul 31, 2017 Washington Federal
Conus - Responder Support Camp Jul 25, 2017 Washington D.C. Federal
Pre-Engineered Fabric Structure Jul 28, 2017 Wisconsin State or Local
Sun Shelters Aug 4, 2017 Wisconsin State or Local
Systems Furniture, Modular Moveable Walls Aug 2, 2017 Alberta State or Local
Bids for construction trailers Aug 14, 2017 Quebec Tenders State or Local
Bids for New mobile office Jul 28, 2017 Quebec Tenders State or Local
Acquisition of two site trailers Aug 1, 2017 Quebec Tenders State or Local
Airport Sand Storage Shed Jul 25, 2017 Saskatchewan State or Local