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Supplies: Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials and Crude Materials

Title Due Date State Type
O-ring, Cup To Case Seal Apr 5, 2019 Illinois Federal
Shreveport Meps Boxed Meals Apr 12, 2019 Kentucky Federal
Aluminum Plates Mar 29, 2019 Maryland Federal
90lb Paper Mar 22, 2019 North Carolina Federal
Spmym2-19-q-1105 Mar 27, 2019 Ohio Federal
93--rubber Sheet,solid Apr 2, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
93--plastic Sheet Mar 25, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
93--nonmetallic Special Mar 29, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
93--furhinhing Of Prescription Eyeglasses For Nco 4 Mar 27, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
93--filter Media Apr 1, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
93--granite Block Mar 25, 2019 Virginia Federal
93--cloth Inserted Rubber Matting Mar 27, 2019 Virginia Federal
Sources Sought For Hidden Machine Readable Security Jan 27, 2020 District of Columbia Federal
93--exhibit Fabrication And Installation For Haleakal┬┐ Mar 27, 2019 West Virginia Federal