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Supplies: Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials and Crude Materials

Title Due Date State Type
C-17 Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic Aug 22, 2018 Georgia Federal
93--sfo: Idaho Aml Team Polyurethane Foam Jul 25, 2018 Idaho Federal
Mna - Mesh Vbs Panels Jul 26, 2018 Oregon Federal
Plastic Sheet Aug 2, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
93--nonmetallic Special Jul 23, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
93--tape,adhesive,rubbe Jul 23, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
93--insulation,transmis Aug 28, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
93--rubber Sheet,solid - And Other Replacement Parts Aug 14, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
93--mirror Assy Special Aug 17, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
93--window,observation Jul 30, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
93--window,observation Jul 30, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
93--plastic Sheet Aug 6, 2018 Virginia Federal
93--paper,tyvek Aug 2, 2018 Virginia Federal
93--rubber Sheet,solid Jul 26, 2018 Virginia Federal
93--r26 Black Hc-1 .125" Jul 30, 2018 Virginia Federal
Production Development Of Currency Production Materials Feb 5, 2019 Washington D.C. Federal
Inflatable Shoot House Aug 30, 2018 International Tenders Federal