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Supplies: Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials and Crude Materials

Title Due Date State Type
Bids for Welding Materials and Equipment Dec 18, 2018 Connecticut State or Local
Welding Supplies Jan 9, 2019 Florida State or Local
Subcontractors | Joint Sealers Jan 7, 2019 Florida State or Local
Glass Fiber, S2, Phenolic, Neat And Glass Fiber, Type E, Pvb + Phenolic Resn Dec 20, 2018 Illinois Federal
Custom Rubber Marine Fenders Dec 21, 2018 New York Federal
Coal Jan 14, 2019 North Dakota State or Local
93--rubber Sheet,solid Dec 17, 2018 Ohio Federal
93--midcon Bulk Paper Jan 4, 2019 Ohio Federal
93--rubber Sheet,solid Dec 24, 2018 Ohio Federal
93--window Assy,observe Jan 22, 2019 Pennsylvania Federal
93--rubber Sheet,solid Dec 17, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
93--nonmetallic Channel Dec 21, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
93--plastic Sheet,press Dec 21, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
93--plastic Sheet Dec 24, 2018 Pennsylvania Federal
93--buffer,aircraft,mat Dec 24, 2018 Virginia Federal
Production Development Of Currency Production Materials Feb 5, 2019 Washington D.C. Federal
93--exhibit Fabrication - Fort Larned National Historic Site Jan 18, 2019 West Virginia Federal
93--solicitation For Ceramic Test Coupons For Netl Dec 27, 2018 West Virginia Federal
Qpl-18324, Plastic Material, Laminated Phenolic, For Bearings Dec 27, 2018 International Tenders Federal