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Equipment: Tools, Hand, Power Bids

Title Due Date State Type
Hexagon Laser Scanner Jun 26, 2017 California Federal
MOLD, CATHODIC, PROTECTION-CONNECTION Jun 29, 2017 California State or Local
Oj-663 Cro Upgrade Kits Jul 7, 2017 California Federal
Bit Driver Tx/ Rx Jul 12, 2017 Florida Federal
Actuators Jun 27, 2017 Florida State or Local
Ms9000a Assembled Pxie/axle Modular Solution Set And Pxi 50mhz-20ghz Solid State Dual Sp4t Switch Module, Which Are Manufactured By Keysight Technologies. Jun 28, 2017 Florida Federal
Toolkit, Aircraft Maintenance Jul 13, 2017 Georgia Federal
External Thread Measurement Tool Jul 6, 2017 Georgia Federal
Wrench, Impact, Hydraulic Jul 31, 2017 Michigan Federal
Tools Jun 27, 2017 Michigan State or Local
Gage, Depth, Tire, Tre Jul 21, 2017 Michigan Federal
Tool Kits - Aviation Jun 26, 2017 Mississippi Federal
Rfi Contractor Opperated Stores Jul 7, 2017 Missouri Federal
60 Ton Edward Manufacturing Ironworker Jun 30, 2017 Missouri State or Local
51--pneumatic Grinder With Parts. Jul 12, 2017 Nevada Federal
Container Scales Jun 30, 2017 Nevada Federal
Bids for Thermal Imagers Jun 30, 2017 New Hampshire State or Local
Mq-4c Bettie Cases Jun 30, 2017 New Jersey Federal
Rast Track Slot Measurement Tool Jul 19, 2017 New Jersey Federal
Motorola, Inc. Radios Jul 14, 2017 New Mexico Federal
Pulley system Jun 28, 2017 New York State or Local
Welding Supplies Jul 13, 2017 New York State or Local
Tool Set Jun 28, 2017 Oklahoma Federal
51--inserter,seal Jun 27, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
51--wrench,torque Jul 19, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
51--tool Kit,general Me Jul 24, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
51--tool Kit,general Me Jul 24, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
51--rem Inst Radial Brg Jul 24, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
51--multiplier,torque W Jul 17, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
51--cutter,wheel Roller Jul 18, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
51--wrench,alignment,ai Aug 7, 2017 Pennsylvania Federal
Deployable Automated Cargo Measuring System Jul 12, 2017 South Carolina Federal
Extrication Gear Jun 27, 2017 Tennessee State or Local
Walk Behind Sweeper Jul 12, 2017 Tennessee State or Local
Rockwell Hardness Tester 2003t Jun 29, 2017 Texas Federal
Used Drill Stem Pipe Jun 30, 2017 Texas State or Local
Bids for Tools and Equipment Jul 7, 2017 Texas State or Local
F15 F16 Toolbox Jun 27, 2017 Texas Federal
A-10 Gun, Load, Sm Box Jun 27, 2017 Texas Federal
Fishing Gear Measurement Tools Jul 11, 2017 Virginia Federal
WELDING STATIONS Jul 7, 2017 Virginia State or Local
Welding Equipment and Supplies Jul 7, 2017 Virginia State or Local
51--tools For M777a2 Howitzer Jul 17, 2017 Virginia Federal
51--puller,mechanical Jun 30, 2017 Virginia Federal
51--rfq Qsdm-c1-179989-i Jul 12, 2017 Virginia Federal
Field Study and Analytical Modeling Anchor Bolts Dec 14, 2017 Washington D.C. State or Local
Ride-on Sweeper/Scrubber Jun 26, 2017 Alberta State or Local
Supply and Installation of Hydraulic Presses Jun 26, 2017 Manitoba State or Local
NIPAWIN LATHE Jun 30, 2017 Saskatchewan State or Local