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Equipment: Purification and Filter Bids

Title Due Date State Type
Air Filters Jan 22, 2019 Florida State or Local
Purchase of an Infection Control Steam Sterilizer Today Illinois State or Local
Filters: Heating and Air Conditioning Dec 26, 2018 Minnesota State or Local
Bids for Air Filters Jan 9, 2019 Missouri State or Local
Muni Pool Filter Replacement Today Nevada State or Local
Filter Media Replacement - Water Treatment Plant Jan 29, 2019 Nevada State or Local
Filter Media Replacement Jan 29, 2019 Nevada State or Local
Water Filtration Mitigation Services Dec 27, 2018 New York State or Local
Filter Element, Intake Air Cleaner Dec 25, 2018 Ohio Federal
Air, Oil, Coolant, Transmission, & Fuel Filters Today Pennsylvania State or Local
Replacement Filters for the Firing Range Dec 19, 2018 Pennsylvania State or Local
Quotes for HVAC Supplies Dec 19, 2018 Texas State or Local
Air Purifiers Today Virginia Federal
Bids for AC and Furnace Air Filters - Disposable Today Virginia State or Local
Rayburn Hob Gun Range Filter Change Out Oct 28, 2019 Washington D.C. Federal
Bids for Air Filters Jan 22, 2019 Quebec Tenders State or Local