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Services: Laundry, Linen, Mats, Washing Bids

Title Due Date State Type
Laundry Chemical Dispensing and Services Sep 27, 2018 Alabama State or Local
Uniform Cleaning and Delivery Services Sep 24, 2018 California State or Local
Bids for Linen and Laundry Rental Service Oct 15, 2018 California State or Local
Laundry Service Sep 28, 2018 Minnesota State or Local
Laundry Management Services Sep 28, 2018 New Jersey State or Local
Linen Services Oct 5, 2018 New York State or Local
Sheriff's Office Uniform Cleaning Oct 10, 2018 Pennsylvania State or Local
Door Mat Rental Services Oct 3, 2018 Texas State or Local
Linen Service Oct 15, 2018 Texas State or Local
Linen/mat Rental & Cleaning Service Sep 24, 2018 Virginia Federal
Healthcare Laundry Services Oct 31, 2018 Washington State or Local
High Traffic Flooring Sep 24, 2018 Washington Federal
Laundry Services Oct 1, 2018 Washington D.C. Federal
City-Wide Vendor Service Contract for Coverall, Shopcoat Sep 27, 2018 Wisconsin State or Local
Request for Proposal for Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services Oct 16, 2018 Ontario State or Local
Dry Cleaning / Laundry Services & Alterations Oct 4, 2018 Saskatchewan State or Local