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Latest Government Bids and Requests for Proposals

Request Due Date Area Status
Lake Huron and Lake Erie Lodges Renovations Jan 9, 2019 Michigan Active
Landfill Services Dec 17, 2018 Virginia Active
Large Volume Printing and Mailing Services Dec 21, 2018 New Mexico Active
Large Water Valve Replacement Jan 4, 2019 Kansas Active
Leak Sealing, Fireproofing and Miscellaneous Repairs Dec 18, 2018 Massachusetts Active
Leased Fiber Networks Dec 31, 2018 Connecticut Active
LED Lighting Assessment Jan 11, 2019 Missouri Active
Life Science Lab Exhaust Upgrade - Phase A Jan 16, 2019 Texas Active
Lift Station Improvements Jan 10, 2019 Nova Scotia Active
Light Duty Vehicles Nov 13, 2019 New York Active
Lighting Dec 26, 2018 New York Active
Lot Mowing Services Dec 17, 2018 Florida Active
Managed Service Provider Jan 16, 2019 Tennessee Active
Manassas Northside Interceptor Upgrade Jan 8, 2019 Virginia Active
Manistique River - Remediation Jan 23, 2019 Michigan Active
Masonry Repairs at High School - South Dec 18, 2018 Indiana Active
Masten and Dickerson Tracts Jan 7, 2019 Delaware Active
Mechanics of the water treatment process of the polar bear habitat pond Dec 20, 2018 Quebec Tenders Active
Medical and Psychological Services Dec 31, 2023 Washington Active
Medical Supplies Dec 21, 2018 California Active
Metal Gate Fastener Dec 20, 2018 Wyoming Active
Minne Lusa Grit Facility Improvements Dec 19, 2018 Nebraska Active
Napa Satellite Modular Building Relocation Jan 3, 2019 California Active
Natural Resources Qualified Vendors Dec 19, 2018 Montana Active
Networking and Firewall Managed Service Dec 20, 2018 Alberta Active