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Latest Government Bids and Requests for Proposals

Request Due Date Area Status
Fill Site Clearing Jan 3, 2019 Missouri Active
Fire District Building Renovations Dec 21, 2018 Connecticut Active
Fire Protection Equipment - Inspection, Maintenance Jan 9, 2019 Pennsylvania Active
First Floor Accessible Toilet Rooms Project Dec 20, 2018 Pennsylvania Active
Food Services Jan 18, 2019 South Dakota Active
Fuel Dock Underwater Cable Replacement Dec 19, 2018 Virginia Active
Gaming and Non-Gaming Products and Services Field Trials Jan 18, 2019 Prince Edward Island Active
Gar Creek Road Bridge #133 over Lamont Drain Dec 18, 2018 Indiana Active
Generator Plant Dec 18, 2018 Nova Scotia Active
Governmental Relations & Related Consulting Services Dec 31, 2018 Connecticut Active
Green Glimber LV600 Remote Slope Mower Dec 18, 2018 Virginia Active
Groundskeeping RFP Dec 22, 2018 Washington Active
HOME Program Rental Projects Monitoring Dec 20, 2018 Minnesota Active
Housing Water Source Heat Pumps Jan 15, 2019 Nebraska Active
Information Technology Consultation Services Feb 28, 2019 Florida Active
Information Technology Managed Services Provider Solicitation Jan 10, 2019 New York Active
Inner Demolition Dec 20, 2018 Quebec Tenders Active
Installation of Two Egress Windows and Window Wells Dec 17, 2018 Wyoming Active
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Maintenance Services Dec 20, 2018 Florida Active
International Airport Terminal Redevelopment Program Jan 4, 2019 New York Active
Internet Dec 21, 2018 Virginia Active
Internet and WAN Services Jan 9, 2019 Mississippi Active
Isolation Building Jan 3, 2019 Colorado Active
Janitorial Services Dec 21, 2018 Connecticut Free Federal
Judicial Center Expansion and Renovation Jan 31, 2019 Virginia Active