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Latest Government Bids and Requests for Proposals

Request Due Date Area Status
Annex Building Tenant Improvement Nov 30, 2018 Washington Active
Solution provider to assist the Dental Informatics operations Dec 11, 2018 Kentucky Active
(MAC) Head Start Correlational Study Dec 7, 2018 Tennessee Active
2019 Asphaltic Concrete Dec 4, 2018 Kansas Active
2019 Corrections Victim Academy Conference Nov 21, 2018 Minnesota Active
2019 Exhibit Hall Decorator Services Nov 29, 2018 Oklahoma Active
Acquisition of Uninterruptible Static Power Units Dec 6, 2018 Quebec Tenders Active
Aggregate Shoulder Rock Dec 12, 2018 Oregon Active
Air Handler Replacement Dec 11, 2018 Washington Active
Alarm and Watch Services Nov 21, 2018 Quebec Tenders Active
Aluminum Conductor Composite Core Wire Dec 11, 2018 Louisiana Active
Annual Purchase of Pickups, Utility Vehicles, Nov 23, 2018 Texas Active
Answering Services Nov 30, 2018 Alabama Active
Arbinger Outward Mindset Training Nov 23, 2018 Washington Active
Arts Center Portico Restoration Project Nov 26, 2018 Connecticut Active
As-Needed Repairs of Overhead Garage Doors Dec 6, 2018 Wyoming Active
Audio Visual Equipment Nov 27, 2018 Montana Active
Automated Test Cases, Test Procedures, and Tracing Requirements to Tests for PTC Dec 31, 2018 Alaska Active
Axis Cameras Nov 28, 2018 Virginia Active
Background Screening Services Nov 28, 2018 Arizona Active
Ballpark Demolition Dec 4, 2018 South Carolina Active
Barcode Scanning & Printing, eSignature Capture Devices Nov 22, 2018 Alberta Active
Bass Stalls Replacement Dec 8, 2018 Texas Active
Bathroom Renovations with Asbestos Abatement Dec 7, 2018 New York Active
Battery Back Up Dec 21, 2018 Virginia Active