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Latest Government Bids and Requests for Proposals

Request Due Date Area Status
Boiler Replacement Feb 7, 2019 Nova Scotia Active
Boundary Survey Feb 19, 2019 Wyoming Active
Bridge Inspections Term Contract Jan 24, 2019 Montana Active
Build Out Jan 31, 2019 Massachusetts Active
Campus Building Roof Replacement Jan 31, 2019 Nevada Active
Cúram Applications – Applications Maintenance Services Feb 20, 2019 Alberta Active
Center Lighting Upgrades Jan 25, 2019 Colorado Active
Civic Center District Plan Feb 4, 2019 Michigan Active
Cleaning products and agents Feb 22, 2019 Minnesota Active
Clearing and Grubbing - Playing Field Feb 7, 2019 Massachusetts Active
Comparison Microscope & Accessories Feb 7, 2019 Minnesota Active
Comprehensive Plan and Transportation System Plan Update Jan 25, 2019 Washington Active
Concrete Restoration Contract Feb 14, 2019 Texas Active
Construction-Pre Qualified General-Kitchen Remodel Feb 5, 2019 Utah Active
Construction-Pre-Qualified Mechanical Contractors Feb 12, 2019 Utah Active
Consultant Prequalification Advertisement Update Jun 30, 2019 Washington Active
Contract Attorney Oct 25, 2020 Montana Active
Conversation Education Web Camera Jan 31, 2019 Wyoming Active
Correctional Roof Replacement Feb 7, 2019 North Carolina Active
Coverall, Shopcoat, Uniform Jan 29, 2019 Wisconsin Active
Crusher/Screener Bucket for Wheel Loader Jan 25, 2019 Minnesota Active
Data Transmission for the Library Feb 12, 2019 Texas Active
Dedicated Waterline ITB Jan 29, 2019 Texas Active
Dental Simulators for Dental School Today Missouri Active
Design, Engineering and Project Management Services Jan 31, 2019 Alberta Active